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Awaiting Pay check? Salary Advance Loan Can Help Meet your Short Term Needs!

Unexpected expenses always strike when you are least ready for them - at the middle of the month, after you have paid EMI, rent (if any) and utility invoices. This has happened at some stage to most of us. What do you do then? Ask friends or family for a loan? Or break your savings? This is the point when a "Short Term Loan" comes to the picture. Nowadays, many lending companies have begun to provide short phrases loans for various reasons and have made it quite a simple task to acquire some currencies immediately and for a tenure than loan, normally 12 months.

What is Advance Salary Loan:

A loan is a loan that's used to take care of unexpected, short notice expenses and can be out of medical emergencies, repair works or comparable instances. This sort of loan is known as a "short-term loan" because it is availed for a brief duration.

Why should one opt for a Short Term Loan?

This loan can be a saviour when used right because of these features:

1. Lower interest rate : Shorter the tenure, lower is the interest amount that one pays

2. Can help in improving your credit score: Getting a short-term loan is simpler, and you can repay it within a few months. Repaying these loans within the given time will positively impact your credit score

3. Affords better financial management: Owing to the shorter loan tenure, you can maintain good grasp on your finances without too much pressure of the loan debt.

Must-knows of Advance Salary Loans:

Easy to manage:

Hassle Free Process:

Simple eligibility criteria: Advance Salary loan

Nominal rate of interest:

No collateral needed: I

Advance Salary loan vs Personal loan?

Personal loan

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