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court marriage in Lahore Pakistan

Accused contracting second court marriage in Pakistan and court marriage in Lahore through nikah khawan in Lahore Pakistan during subsistence of existing marriage without permission from first wife was convicted to one year simple imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 2,000. Appellate Court reduced Sentence of imprisonment to already undergone and fine from two thousand to one thousand. Revision by first wife filed against reduction of sentence. Contention that accused having undergone only four days of simple imprisonment, his sentence should not have been reduced, Case being old one and accused that stood convicted had undergone some period of imprisonment as well.

court marriage in Pakistan

Fact that in such like situation husband has to pay dower on demand which in itself is a punishment, would be a relevant factor in determining quantum of sentence. High Court in present case declining to interfere on wife's revision petition filed to challenge appellate judgment of Sessions Court reducing as undergone sentence of one year simple imprisonment imposed by Trial Magistrate.

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