Santa Baby (18+)







“Jiggle bells Jay Park smells, Simon laid an egg …”

I was singing my Christmas diss song as I decorated my bestie house, whilst he was away. “Duckie car lost a wheel and Gray got away.” I was putting the topper, on the tree I set up, when a pair of hands held my hips. I giggled when they pulled me down from the chair, so I was grounded.

“Every year, you play Miss Santa. I knew this year I could catch you.”

I turned around to see my captor was my bestie Hyuk-woo. I giggled and hugged him, before pulling away. “Well, this Santa got more than just Christmas gifts.” He just watched me run to his guest room and come out with a tower of presents. “Whoa, Y.N, let me at least help you.”

Hyuk-woo came over and grabbed half the presents and place them on his L-shape couch. His dog yipped in fear and stormed off to his bedroom. “That about ten presents there. Why so many presents, and did you buy all of these?” He asked as I nodded my head.

“Well, I knew I had to get you before you went to your parents tonight. So I brought all your gifts over, while you were working, and decorated your place as usual.”

He just stared at the presents and pursed his lips. “Wait, are you upset? If you don’t like this, I’ll take it down and won’t do it again.” Hyuk-woo blinked as he looked over at me. “Aniyo, it’s not that I don’t like it. I’m just thinking about the past several years.”

I arched an eyebrow as it was my turn to stare at him. “You always making sure I feel celebrated as much as Christmas. How do you manage to buy me so many things every year? You should be putting this money into your Café shop in Jongno-gu county.” I just looked down and away, as I felt bad about going over bored for him.

“Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful you always spoil me, look out for me. Heck you might as well be my girlfriend the way you treat me. I just rather you think of yourself too.” The corner of my lip curled up as I looked around before up at him. “Did you just say I might as well be your girlfriend?”

Of course that line caught my attention. Hyuk-woo just grin as he looked at me. “Well you have been my Santa baby for so long.” I went to say something, but nothing came out. My brain was to busy trying to process his words to even speak. He just laughed at my expression and kissed the top of my head.

“Santa baby, why don’t you be my girl for the night, the night. Been an awful good boy, ah. Santa baby now hurry into my arms tonight~.”

My jaw hung as Hyuk-woo sang a remix version of Santa Baby, whilst holding my hand. “Okay, so that I process this right. Are you asking me to go on a date with you?” I laughed as I asked him to confirm what I was thinking. His lips pressed together again, as he looked away.

He was going to answer me when his family knocked and came in with his mother’s help. “Y.N!” I smiled brightly at Hyuk-woo umma and ran right into her arms. She was the sweetest woman I had ever met in my life, and always treated me like I was her daughter.

“You’re going to stay, right?”

She asked me as I looked over at Hyuk-woo. “Well of course, she still hasn’t open my gifts for him.” I pretended to whisper the last part, as I pointed to the couch. “Yet you didn’t get her a gift. That hurtful man.” His cousin said playfully.

Before Hyuk-woo could say a word, his mother got him to start opening his gifts. I ended up staying the whole time his family was here. Goofing off with one of his cousins or playing with one of his nieces/nephews. Hyuk-woo though managed to snatch me away. He pulled me to the middle of the living room and sighed heavily.

Hyuk-woo licked his lips and looked up at me, even though now we had his family around. “Earlier you asked me if I was finally making a move and asking you out on a date.” I gawk at him in awe, that he was actually bringing this up in front of his family. “Honestly I don’t think we need to date, since we’ve been friends and hanging out since, before I debut.” He was holding both my hands in one, before going down on one knee.

“My family already knows you and loves you. My mother been trying to convince me to ask you out. What she doesn’t know that I want to skip that part. Just move in with me and marry me, please.”

The female family member squeal alongside his mother. “Are you kidding?” He shook his head and pulled out a box, that held a twenty-four-carat diamond, with a ribbon band. “Or do you want to date first?” Everyone was looking my way, and I honestly didn’t know how to answer him.

I actually panic, and ran out of the apartment, to the stairs on the side of the hallway. I made my way to the hallway to the roof. This way no one would be able to find me. I was pacing back and forth trying to figure out what just happen. “You know, I am your best friend. I would know about this hiding tactic of yours.”

I stop pacing to see Hyuk-woo coming up the stairs alone. “Don’t worry, my family stayed in the apartment, since they knew I would find you no problem.” I started to hyperventilate from the panic attack I was having, but Hyuk-woo knew how to stop that too. He grabbed my face with both hands and crushed his lips against mine. I just stared into his eyes, to see the kindness and love he held for me.

“Why just skip to marriage. Plus doing that in front of them all. It was a lot of pressure.”

He was just letting me vent, as he petted my head. “I did say you could choose dating.” I shook my head as I stepped back. “Yeah, after you proposed, making either way, they expect us to marry.” Hyuk-woo pouted as he just watched me.

“Stop that, its not fair. You’re a damn puppy, and it works ever time.” He laughed at my reaction to him pouting. “I honestly saw no point in dating. The only thing we haven’t done together so far is have sex. We already kiss each other, and when drunk, make out. My crew keeps asking if were dating or not too.”

I couldn’t argue with him on any of that. I do kiss his cheek before I leave and were both light weights. So no control when we both black out together. Hyuk-woo came closer, but I backed away until he had me pin against the wall. “So you’re telling me, you never once thought of being more then friends?” His forearm was resting above my head, against the wall.

“I never said I wasn’t attracted to you I just don’t want to ruin anything between us. If I lose you, I don’t know what I’ll do.” His index finger found my chin, lifting my head so he could kiss me softly.

“Marry me then, you can’t lose me then. We already know each other’s finances. Heck you balance my books along with yours. We already take care of each other, by make sure one another is fed and taking care of themselves.”

He rubbed his thumb along my jawline and rest his forehead against mine. “We already been sleeping over at each other’s house. Even I noticed we’re sharing the same bed.” I closed my eyes as I relaxed from his gentle touch. His other hand moved to my waist, but under my shirt. “Even our emotions send us to each other. Y.N I love you, and you’re all I want for Christmas.”

I looked up at him to see his brilliant smile. “I want you by my side, as my wife, since even I can’t see my life without you.” I just nodded my head before locking lips again. Both is his hands rested on my bare waist, by the time I broke the kiss from him. “Before I do say yes to marrying you in front of your family. I think it’ll be best to sleep together.”

Hyuk-woo eyebrows raised as he looked at me curiously. I just took his hands and moved them towards my bra. “Well, how can I be a good wife, if I know I can’t please you.” I watched his Adam’s apple move up and down, whilst his fingers went under my bra to play with my nubs. I bit my lip when the sensation of pleasure went through my body.

He pounced on me and started a tongue war. Hyuk-woo was hungry and it show in the way he was kissing me. Lucky for him I was wear a skirt, and his hand was already moving up my thigh. He had one finger gliding over where my panties were already wet. Hyuk-woo growled and slipped two fingers inside of me, to tease me more.

I gasped between breaks from our tongue war, whilst I was unfastening his pants. Hyuk-woo pulled away from me, leaving me breathless. Especially as I watched him suck my juices off his fingers. I slipped out of my panties, as I watched and admired Hyuk-woo take out and hold his shaft. “Am I too small, or too big?”

I got down on both my knees and replaced his hands with mine. I then started to suck on him like he was the most delicious lollipop I ever had. Hyuk-woo moan, as he to a hand full of my hair. “Y.N stop… please.” He was panting heavy when I pulled away and licked the tip one last time.

He pulled me back on my feet, before pinning me against the wall. He grabbed my thigh and lifted it to waist, before thrusting inside of me. I gasp from the sudden sensation and held his shoulders. Hyuk-woo moved his hips fast, as he rested his forehead on mine. “Damn it. It’s like you’re made for me.” I smiled at his comment, before closing my eyes to enjoy him.

Hyuk-woo wasn’t kidding though, because I was starting to think the same thing. I felt so damn complete now. I lifted my other leg, as his hand grabbed hold of my ass to help me. He basically was now dropping me down on his member, it was going in so deep. I was starting to lose my mind and muffled my moans into his shoulder.

We both cry out each other’s name, as I felt Hyuk-woo filling me up inside. “I’m sorry…” He panted an apology as we sat on the floor together. “For what?” I looked over at him, whilst grabbing my panties. “I didn’t wear a condom.”

I searched his pockets and pulled out the box with the ring. “I said yes, so I think it’s okay we didn’t have protection once.” He grinned and held me close, after fixing his pants again. “I can’t wait to go back downstairs and tell them, I convinced you to join our family.”

We both laughed as he put the ring on my finger, after we stood up and fixed ourselves. “Ready?” He asked offering me his hand. I happily took it and grinned at him. “Yes, my Santa Puppy.”


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