Why You Need to activate Roku.com/link account on Roku

As you know Roku streaming player provides streaming content through the internet. So you have to activate Roku com link account. Check out the need of Roku account activation.

1. This is necessary to start your streaming player

2. If you want to stream your content via Roku, then you have to activate roku com link

3. This necessary to purchase any channel or app

4. If you want to add any channel into your channel list then firstly you have to activate Roku com link account

5. It is necessary to secure users detail

6. You can maintain all your Roku related details in this account

7. You can check your details at anytime by log in with this account

8. Moreover, you can also check you purchasing details and many more

Hope you are satisfied with these reasons. Now we have to proceed to know some detail about Roku account activation and Roku setup.


Rokucom link Account Activation with Roku Link Code:

Now you have to activate wwwrokucom/link account.

1. Firstly, open Roku account activation link by using your laptop or PC

2. Now you are able to enter roku link code here and click on submit

3. After entering Roku activation link code, you have to create your Roku account


5. You have to provide some necessary information like name, email, password and phone number

6. After filling all above information, click on submit button

7. Then, you have to select your payment method

8. Now you are able to enjoy your streaming with Roku streaming player

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