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As the trend of recording with pens and notebooks has gradually come back, recording is not merely storing information, the notebook is a planner, recording ideas, designing products, developing skills and many other useful things. Convenience leads to popularity, and when it has been popular, the need to use a high-class notebook and quality is also therefore increased. A luxurious notebook, style can be appreciated through the design, machining, paper material of the bowels and the most recognizable is the handmade handbook that can be said to be exclusive that only you own.

Handmade notebook Nowadays there are many types in the market, but do you have knowledge of this kind of Windows? Let our tailor shop in HCMC take you to learn this.

Handmade Cow Leather Handbook combined with classic paper material

Wind paper is a type of traditional Vietnamese craft paper and is often used in handicraft or handmade textile establishments. Wind paper is produced through a complex process of more than 100 different craft stages so it is very durable and is especially resistant to mold up to hundreds of years. Despite bearing much value in history and culture, the production of wind paper is gradually being one by the development of society. Currently, wind paper is being 1 of the young children restored, preserved and as far as we see there are types of handmade-style notebooks covering the cover of wind paper combined with calligraphy art to bring the profound experience, nostalgia. Or the window combined with images of an old, ancient Vietnam on the vintage handmade notebook and the wind cover for it to be filled with nostalgia and an endless source of inspiration for those you have nostalgic soul.

Unique fabric or print handmade notebook

This is a trend of handmade handbook design that is hot today. The window is wrapped, or prints the simplest details such as flowers, leaves, polka dots, striped shapes and plaid. Depending on the interests of each person, as a handmade print notebook, we are pleased to choose for ourselves the pictures, the hot things present, or our own photos that are very creative and unique without worrying about every touch. A few years back here, handmade HCM books have been favored by youth in Saigon and now, it becomes quite common for young people and office citizens who love handmade art or the classical in vintage design.

Hand Drawn Handmade Handbook

The cover of the window is painted in soothing, rustic images with sincere, close-up statements. Where you can unleash the creative inside under the support of the unique and strange cream paper, not the line. Why does this manual only use plain paper? Because creativity is never border or distance. Hand-drawn handmade handbook will always be a spirit-based friend, as if it were a hot, aromatic cappu, a superhuman that fills the messages.

Bring the dream of beauty to the pages together with the desire of personalized and unique handmade leather books that will stimulate the habit of taking notes of young people in today's digital technology, call our printing workshop in Ho Chi Minh City if you need to find yourself a handbook like a close friend.

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