7 Tips to Help Your Kid Love Math and Not Hate It

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The fear of Math is natural and it could soon turn into your child’s worst nightmare if the problem isn’t addressed on time. Many children live this nightmare and might pass the fear of numbers to others at school. Arithmetic exercises make your kid irritable and stressed. Your little one feels that he cannot solve Math problems and would fail in all the tests.


You do not want your kid to feel stressed and give up on solving Math problems. Then, how do you expect to do so when you aren’t a number whiz? Fret not. Here are the seven best ways to help your kid love Math and not hate the subject:

1. Tell your kid why Math is useful

The majority of children feel that Math is a useless subject. It’s not true because your kid needs some help to understand how numbers relate to real life. If you can discuss number problems, your kid tries to solve and relate it to daily situations, it would help him to figure out the concept behind Math. He will feel inspired, take interest in numbers, and not fear the same.

Figure out how number crunching will prove beneficial today and in the days to come. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, talk to your kid about balancing funds. Let your kid take the help of a tutor to find how much a school bag would cost with a 25 percent discount.

You can also talk about the concept of fractions when you cook in the kitchen. These real-life examples are simple to understand and would help your child love Math and not hate it. You can also tell your kid which field of Math will help him in his career in the days ahead.

2. Make Math interesting and fun with games

Who says that Math has to be about boring textbooks and exercises all the time? A trained instructor can make numbers more exciting with some fun games, both for younger and older kids. For example, your kid can play a card game for understanding addition. Again, Christmas is around the corner and you can make Math home tutoring interesting with a Christmas tree game that has many decorations like bells and stars. Let your kid count the number of stars and bells to learn addition the fun way!

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3. Talk differently about Math

When your child comes to you with a complex number problem, your stress levels can increase too! As your kid makes a fuss about an unsolved Math exercise, his sibling might need some help to tie her hair properly. In such a situation, the last thing you would like to do is sit with a Math problem to solve it. It is natural if your attitude towards your kid is negative at a time like this. Then, do not shout at your child when he comes up with a Math problem. This is when you need a trained Math tutor to deal with the problem.

Let the home tutor talk differently about Math and make the learning experience enjoyable. An instructor will not look at Math like something that makes your kid apprehensive, but as an amazing puzzle, which simply needs solving. Taking a positive approach toward Math will help your child solve number problems fast, sans any fear.

4. Let your kid learn hands-on

Hands-on is the best experience to help your child learn some number crunching. There is no need to feel shy about using your fingers or counters to make Math lessons simple and easy to understand. Did you know that even teens benefit when they see and work on objects to master Math skills practically? You can take some counters, chocolates, an abacus, and even use a number line or some plastic construction toys to learn hands-on.

5. Practice is the key to become a Math whiz

Some kids are experts at solving Math problems, and some fail miserably. Then, it is not the right way that you child should approach the subject. Children, who have the inherent talent to solve Math, need not fear numbers, but then a kid weak in it will need to practice more than ever. That is because practice makes perfect.

Therefore, do not allow your kiddo to give up on Math after a couple of attempts. Let his tutor talk to him like a friend and explain that more he practices number problems; the better your child will get at it. It is as simple as that.

6. Set a few goals for your kid and reward him

Many times, your kiddo feels miserable about solving Math problems and thinks he would never succeed at it. Set some small goals and reward your child when he achieves the same successfully. Simple things like “solve five Math problems and watch Jungle Book after that” or “solve a Math exercise for 30 minutes and then go out for a game of soccer with your friends.”

7. Ensure your kid has access to technical knowledge

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