How to Remove Redundant Pipes or Fuel Tanks

Do you know abandoned and leaking fuel tanks can cause major environmental problems? It can contaminate water and soil. People living near a leaking pipeline or fuel tank can face an unexpected threat that can lead to death. These abandoned fuel tanks are also known as Leaking Petroleum Storage Fuel Tanks or LUST or UST. In Texas alone, thousands of abandoned pipes and fuel tanks are removed by experts every year. Looking at its environmental damage, it requires quick action. A fuel tank removal agency that has years of experience in onsite inspection and tank removal is responsible to remove these abandoned pipes or tanks.

Procedures to Remove Abandoned or Redundant Pipes or Fuel Tanks

It is necessary to professionally decommission tanks or pipes. At the same time, it is essential to meet all legal and environmental requirements. Typically, a tank or pipe life is 20-30 years. It slowly and steadily starts degenerate because of environmental changes like heat, rain, and cold. The first sign of removal of a tank is its leakage that can make the surrounding soil and water dirty. It needs to fix immediately.

A close inspection of the tank can tell whether the pipe needs treatment or removal. Usually, it goes for removal to avoid further risks.

The foremost process requires submitting an inquiry to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to determine the size, age and construction type of the tank.

Once TCEQ permits to remove the tank, the tank removal agency sends a team of experts along with all necessary equipment to safely remove the tank.

The soil and water of the area go for laboratory tests for risk assessments. Site inspection is done by the team.

The soil of the following is removed so that it can make lifting of the tank easy.

Cleaning of the tank is done to remove any residual and explosive vapors. It makes the tank removal job easy and safe.

Once, the tank is removed, it is safely transported for disposal according to the TCEQ guidelines.

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