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Registration Of Court Marriage In Pakistan:

court marriage in Pakistan

Nikah Khawan In Lahore Pakistan:

nikah khawan in Lahore Pakistan

Registration of court marriage in Pakistan is compulsory:


Court marriage in Pakistan solemnized under Muslim Personal Law, being a contract and same having been reduced to writing. No oral evidence contravening written terms of such contract was admissible except in circumstances contemplated by provisions of Arts. 102 & 103, Evidence act 1984 Present case was not covered by any of the exceptions contemplated in Arts. 102 & 103 of Evidence act 1984

In Nikahnama the nikah khawan in Lahore Pakistan filled dower and factum of gift of property by husband to wife in lieu of dower as recorded in Column No. 13 of Nikahnama. Presumption of truth was attached to Nikahnama, which could not be rebutted; Husband after having gifted property to wife in lieu of dower would have no title to dispose of same after court marriage in Pakistan.

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