all you need to know about N.TIC PART 1

ok today is kim jion

Stage Name:Jion (지온)

Birth Name:Kim Byung-Ho

Position:Leader, Main Vocalist

Birthday:March 5th, 1987



Agency: Yechan Media

-He is able to mimic facial expressions

-His pronunciation is bad

-He is quiet and reserved, however he can be pretty funny

Le Quattro


-Jion was supposed to be the leader of the group “New School”, but in the end the group didn’t debut


-Former Ulzzang model

-His facial features are all natural. He showed us baby pictures to prove that his picture are altered to make him look how he does.

-He loved eating guobaorou and tangsuyuk, Sweet and Sour pork, when he was active in China

-In Japan he is nicknamed “Prince” so their prince concept was chosen because of that

-he was a modal in japan and china as a ulzzang modal

-he is very funny

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