Special Christmas (+19)

Who: Loco (Kwon Hyukwoo) x Reader

What: Smut

Story: N/A

You walked into the large penthouse but hardly looked around, your eyes were on him. His hand was holding yours firmly, but there was a gentleness to it. He lead you to the steps not once looking back at you but in the still silence you had the distinct feeling he was smiling....

Almost as if he'd won something.

You weren't sure what it was, the way he walked with such confidence or the way his ears seemed to perk up. The slight thought "he's teasing me" came to mind and you thought to let go of his hand. The moment your hand faltered in its grip he held it tighter. It didn't hurt, it was the firmness of a man who wanted to assure you he had you. He wasn't going to hurt you.

He pulled you into the room and for the first time since he opened the door to the penthouse, he turned to look at you. There he greeted you with a smile, not a teasing one but tender. Soft and sweet, enough to ease the butterflies in your stomach.

Only slightly.

"You look nervous." he said.

"Not at all," you lied.

He chuckled lighty as he took off his shirt and tossed it to the side. The reveal of his body made heat rush to your cheeks until you were blushing. Butterflies raced in your stomach, arousal and nerves created a strange concoction in your heart. This time his grin was more cocky as he stepped up to you,

"Are you scared?"

"No." you said feintly

He let a light chuckle escape as he came close to you, he reached up to brush some hair behind your ear.

"Are you sure you're not scared?" he asked again in a tantalizing whisper.

He brought his lips close to your ear and the sound of his gentle breaths tightened the coil in your loins. Your heart tripped over itself while your own breathing became laboured.

"Yes." you answered.

"Why don't I believe you?" he asked.

He had moved back up to meet your eyes; his gaze was deep and filled with carnal desire. His hand came to your chin to lift it just slightly and he smiled softly.

"I'm here aren't I?" you swallowed.

"That's true enough," he said. "Take this off."

His hands came to the hem of your shirt and he lifted it over your head, tossing it in the same direction as his shirt.

"Now these," he said lowering himself to his knees to unbutton your pants and pull them to your ankles.

The more flesh revealed to him the more your body ached for him, the more your heart stirred uncontrollably. His movements were tantalizingly slow. Even as he drew up your body, a single finger drawing a line to your lips, you shivered.

"You're going to take your time aren't you?" you asked.

"I don't fuck. I make love," he smiled. " I perfer to savor the moment."

He swept your lips up in a sweet kiss while his fingers hooked into your panties and he pulled them down. He eased you down to the bed, kissing gently down your body to reach your erogenous zone. His hand smoothed around your ass; he gripped onto each side as his tongue greeted your heat. You drew in a sharp breath, shaking as you breathed out. Your legs became a little restless, opening themselves up but unable to stay still. Your hands ranked through his hair and gripped tightly. Every sensation was overwhelming, the stimulation alone made you feel like you were entering into another universe. The euphoria caused your heart to go so erratic breathing seemed like a foreign action.

"Hyuk--woo." you whined helplessly.

You felt his smile on your heat but his tongue continued slow figure eights, insanely teasing, threatening to make you erupt. His tongue glided over you like he was trying to explore every inch of your womamhood. You moaned and cussed, hissed and bucked your hips into his face. You cried and gripped onto the sheets, arching your back up like your spirit was leaving your body. Your face felt hot yet, despite being stimulated by his warm wet muscle, you felt starved. So much tension was building up, the coil twisted inside of you, the addition of a single digit breaking through sent shockwaves through you. A cry came out of your mouth, the feeling of something snapping brought tears to your eyes. Shock filled your mind for a brief moment before you yielded to pleasure.

"You taste even better than I imagined."

You covered you face,

"Don't say that." You whimpered.

A second finger slid inside of you making your walls contract around him. He came to your face, laying next you,

"Relax." he whispered.

You bit your lip and looked at him while his fingers moved in you. He brushed your hair back while he stared into your eyes. The feeling of being safe engulfed you, even as the heat inside you rose, you could relax next to him. He leaned over to kiss you, your lips molding together in sweet bliss. The room darkened with the sun's disappearance completing the ethereal feeling of you two being the only humans left in the world.

His fingers left your womanhood and he lifted your bra off your chest. He caressed your soft mounds, kissing the sensitive nub that perked up to his touch. The soft flicks of his tongue sent a titillating sensation through your body. Mewls escaped your lips, you nibbled on the back of your forefinger to stifle the sounds. Hyukwoo looked up at you and smiled. His smile was charming, he offered you the look to ease your nerves but they had been drowned out by pleasure a long time ago. Though your heart raced, the pace seemed normal now, you didn't even notice it.

Hyukwoo drew his body away from you to take off his pants. Without him near, the coolness of the room seemed to rush you, teasing you about the absence of his warmth. He crawled back over you opening your legs wider for him to see. His swollen member glided along your folds for a moment. You whined at him teasing you, your face flushed as you began to realize that you were at the moment of being entered. He leaned down to whisper in your ear,

"Just trust me." He said.

You felt his tip by your feminine hole; he slid just the head inside, you covered your mouth to capture the squeak it released. Hyukwoo smiled at you. He took one of your hands and placed it on his chest, right where his heart rested.

"You feel that? It's racing because of you." He said

He slid in a little deeper, your chest rose more, your other hand came up to his chest, you clawed down his chest as he slid completely inside of you, stretching you out for the first time.

"No." You slipped out in a soft whimper.

"Do you want me to stop?" He asked as he looked down at you.

He almost looked disappointed but he smiled softly when you shook your head.

"I didn't mean it. I was just surprised." You said.

"I'll move slow."

He began a slow grind that was unbearably intoxicating. He slid all the way out and then all the way back in; your arms wrapped around his neck, you held him close while both your moans collided in a symphony. Your hearts pounded in different rhythms. Your bodies came together like a puzzle piece. His sweet kisses along with the movement of his hips was electrifying. Your nails printed half crescents on his back making him groan so deep he sounded feral. He reached for your leg, wrapping it around him while he ravished your naked body. He kissed your neck and sent tingles through every nerve in your body.

He pulled back and slid out of you.

"Why?" You almost cried.

"I want to show you something different."

He turned you over onto your stomach and lifted your buttocks slightly. He entered from behind, your bottom lip slid between your teeth. He felt deeper from behind. You buried your head in the pillow; he held your waist while he moved back and forth inside of you. The new position was far more erotic than the other one. He pulled out to stick his tongue inside you, making you open your mouth in shock but arousal emanated from your moan. You couldn't help the movement your hips made, circling slowly while you leaned back a little more to feel his tongue inside you.

He pulled back to enter you again, sliding in you completely rather than inch by inch. He sank deep into your waters. The wet squishy sound of Hyukwoo entering and leaving your body was utterly erotic and was pushing you to a limit you had never experienced before. He used his knees to push your legs open a little wider and placed his hand at the small of your back to get you to arch more.

You rolled your hips in a circle on his dick succumbing to the lust that had built up inside of you. Your core was so moist, you were dripping on the bed. You could hear him panting softly, he sounded like he was starting to lose himself as you rolled your hips and even pushed back into him.

"Don't stop doing that." He whispered.

A sense of pride rose in you at the thought of you, a virgin, driving him a little wild. His hips bucked, uneven like he was losing control. He leaned over your body, whispering in your ear,

"Can I move faster?"

You leaned your head back a little, bringing your hand to his cheek as you moaned a yes. Hyukwoo moved in you faster than before but nothing that destroyed your body. He sent a quake through you, while sounds of slapping skin bounced off the walls. It seemed to echo in the room. The feeling of a wave over coming you started to rush through your body. You moans got louder as you gripped at the bedsheets.

"Hyukwoo." You moaned.

You threw your head back in utter pleasure. You felt like something was happening to you. Your body tensed up and seemed to tremble.

"Let go babe." He said.

His voice was fucked out: deep and rough. You pushed up feeling that wave crash over you completely, tremors engulfed your body as a feeling of euphoria set your body ablaze. He wrapped his arm just under your breast squeezing one with the other hand. He was coaxing his own release in your ear begging for it to come.

"I'm gonna cum Y/N." He warned.

Your body was worn out, his writhing against your body had rode your high down. He released you on the bed, still pumping his meat inside of you until he pulled out suddenly, hissing as you felt warm drops fall on your buttocks and thigh. He panted heavy until he could even out his breath enough and laid down next to you. You turned to look at him; his eyes were soft as he looked back.

"Thank you." He whispered.

You chuckled,

"Merry Christmas Hyukwoo."

"A merry Christmas indeed." He smiled.

He wrapped his arm around your back and nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck, breathing your scent in before sleep over took you both.

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