Soranib and Sorafenat completely Cure Kidney Thyroid , Liver Cancer

Sorafenat 200mg Tablet:

Sorafenat drugs a Cancer Medicine that interferes with the growth and spread of Cancer Cells in the body.

Sorafenat 200Mg

treatment of thyroid cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer

Uses of Sorafenat 200mg Tablet:

Sorafenib is an anticancer medication.

Sorafenat medicine is used to treatment of Liver Cancer, Kidney Cancer, and Thyroid Cancer.

Side Effects of Sorafenat 200mg Tablet:

· Weariness

· Acne

· Dry Skin

· Dry Mouth

· Vomiting

· Hair Loss

· Weight Loss

How to Take Sorafenat 200mg:

Soranib 200 mg

Take the tablet whole. Do not break or crush the medicine. Take the drug 30 minutes before a snack on an empty stomach as the food decreases the absorption of the medicine.


Storage of the Sorafenat 200mg medicines:

· Store tablets at room temperature, away from heat and direct light.

· Do not freeze tablets unless required by package insert.

· Keep medications away from children and pets.

· Drug Interactions of Sorafenat 200mg Tablet:

· A combination with carbamazepine + dexamethasone + Phenobarbital + phenytoin + rifampicin leads to decrease in Sorafenib plasma concentration.

· A combination of doxorubicin and irinotecan will increase plasma concentration.

Precautions of Sorafenat 200mg Tablet:


· Avoid consumption of alcohol as it may change the absorption of Sorafenat 200mg.

· Avoid taking medication if you are allergic to Sorafenat 200mg or related drugs.

Sorafenat Side Effects

· Do not drive or perform heavy machinery if Sorafenat 200mg causes dizziness or blurred vision.

Votrient 200 mg

Frequently asked question for Sorafenat 200mg Tablet:

Is it safe with Alcohol?

Interaction with Alcohol is unknown. Please consult your doctor.

Is It Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

Avoid taking Sorafenat 200mg tablet during pregnancy as it increases the complications in the fetus.

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Sorafenat drugs a Cancer Medicine that interferes with the growth and spread of Cancer Cells in the body. Sorafenat 200Mg stops the growth of the cancer cells.
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