Trauma Ch.10

Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon

What: Angst, Romance, Smut

Story: You're just two trauma filled people trying to live normal lives... but trauma is a bitch


"Y/N are you sure it was my mother?" Junmyeon asked.

"I may have forgotten some things that happened a week ago but I haven't forgotten that. Junmyeon I've seen her with my mother before."

"How is that possible?"

You laughed,

"It's a small world after all."

Grandma Ji Ji called for everyone to come to the table now that the food was done. Grandfather Junwon came out and headed for the dinner table. Grandma Ji ji passed out dishes and then placed a serving on everyone's plate. Junmyeon seemed to be lost in thought as if trying to search his memory for something.

"Are you okay?" You said.

Junmyeon looked up at you,

"Yeah, it's just- I'm trying to wrap my head around the possibility that our mothers knew each other."

"Wait your mothers knew each other?" Grandma Ji Ji said shocked.

You looked at her nodded,

"I believe so. I just saw the picture of your daughter. I know I've seen her visit my mother before."

His grandfather turned to you next,

"What's your mother's name?"

"Jeon Seol. Although, I suppose after she divorced my father she took back her name."

His grandparents looked at each other, their eyes narrowing as if the name sounded familiar. Grandma Ji Ji excused herself from the table and a sudden feeling that you had misspoken because you mentioned their deceased daughter came over you. You felt a pain in your chest and slightly bowed your head,

"I apologize, I shouldn't have mentioned your daughter. I didn't mean to-"

"Y/N, it's alright."

Junmyeon had reached over and placed a hand on your hand. He gave you a soft smile, you looked from him to his grandfather who smiled at you as well.

"We enjoy sharing good memories of our daughter. It hurts that she's gone but we've never shied away from talking about her." His gramps said.

"But then why-" you started.

"Because I knew that name was familiar." His grandmother said.

She walked back in with a book open in her arms. She was flipping through the pages, her eyes scanning each page until she finally found what she was looking for. She placed the book down on a empty corner of the table between you and Junmyeon. Her finger pointed to a single picture.

"Here, is that your mother?" She asked.

Though she was much younger, there was no denying that was your mother. You two looked more a like in that picture. His grandmother chuckled noting the same thing and wondering why they hadn't realized it before. You touched the picture realizing you hadn't seen your mother's face since she left you. Your father discarded all pictures of her from the house; he rid himself of her memory except for you. You wondered why; why was it more convenient for him to give into his pain, to let his disorder take over him, to hit you? You held in everything that wanted to release from your heart.

"She's beautiful." Junmyeon noted.

"I suppose so." You whispered.

There couldn't be more than physical beauty though, if there was, she wouldn't have left you. You noticed under her picture it listed her name: Kang Seol. You chewed on your bottom lip as you took everything in.

"So they knew each other in high school." You said solemnly.

"They were very close but their lives went down two different paths. Though I'm not surprised at all to hear that they made time to still meet up." His grandfather said.

"But we didn't mean until college... I wonder if it was always written in the stars for us to meet." Junmyeon smiled.

"Maybe so." You gave him a soft smile.

Junmyeon searched through pages to find his mother: Lee Haejin. She was just as beautiful, she smiled brightly for her picture. You could see her in Junmyeon's face. Despite the brokenness they had to endure, they were a close family. You glanced up at his grandparents, you had no idea how they got past that pain. Junmyeon had no parents but he had them, it made you envious of him.

The rest of the dinner went on like none of you discovered your mothers were high school friends but now that you had your mother's real name, it was possible to find her. You had some questions to ask and issues to sort out, they all started with her. Junmyeon saw you back home safely so you finally took the opportunity to talk to him seriously. You both stood at your front door in silence for a moment, your fingers fiddled with your key before you looked up at him and said,

"I don't think I ever thanked you- for saving my life."

He smiled, the creases in his cheeks making mock like dimples.

"You're Welcome. How have things been with your case? I mean how are you handling it?" He asked.

"I'm not. Not really, I've been- trying not to fall back in."

Your eyes shifted from Junmyeon to the street. It wasn't that you didn't know your father was dangerous but that didn't change the fact that he had a disorder, it was a legitimate health issue and even if he didn't take his medication, there were factors leading up to how he broke down. Deep inside, you hoped your fathered loved you, the way he had when you were a child and your family was whole. You took in a deep shaky breath, everything hurt. Your mother's decision destroyed your family and subjected you to abuse, your own decisions contributed to how it got to this point. You looked back at Junmyeon,

"I know what he did- It wasn't right but-,"

"I know he's your father but that doesnt mean he isn't dangerous Y/N."

A tear had spilled over from one eye. The feelings you held back at his grandparents place began to well up even faster as they came back to you. You wiped it away before holding yourself, you forced yourself to speak through the lump in your throat.


Junmyeon's eyebrows pinched together in sympathy. He came closer to you, wrapping his arms around your neck and pulling you into his chest. You let your head rest against him and your arms held him close to you. His chin rested at the top off your head while you two stood in the cold night on your porch. The atmosphere, though filled with hurt, compelled a tender energy to surround you two.

"Thank you for being there for me." You said.

"I can't leave you alone." He said.

You smiled against him and looked up at his face. He gazed softly into your eyes and they seemed to draw you in. You reached up to his neck pulling him down towards you and your lips captured his. He seemed surprised that you were the one initiating a kiss. You had been unfair to him recently, battling your memories and wrestling with your feelings for your parents made you distant. You could tell he was annoyed earlier when he was telling you he was leaving. You were going to tell him you wanted to stay home before the memory of your father arguing with you came to mind. Him hitting and pushing you down before the world went black flashed by quickly but seemed like they lingered in your minds eye. For days, since you regained the memories you thought about what you could've done differently. You didn't want to stay with those memories.

Junmyeon deepened the kiss, wrapping his hands around your waist, holding you close to his body. You hummed through the kiss, feeling weaker to his touch. He pulled back for a moment,

"Is this okay?" He sounded concerned.

You could see his body was already awakened by the kiss. You were feeling the same. You gave him a soft smile,


He seemed relieved and you turned to unlock the door. You let him inside, closing the door behind you before he lifted you up onto his waist. He kissed you hard and long, devouring your lips.

"I need you." He whispered, lust dripping from his words.

"Then take me." You said back.

Your hands grabbed each side of his face and you came down to kiss him. He made his way to your bedroom with your legs wrapped around his waist. He helped pull off your dress once he was by the side of your bed. You helped him take off his shirt and slip off his pants. Your movements were heated, containing lust; neither of you took your time, it was like you were both starved for the other's body and energy. He lifted you up again, kissing you with a fever so hot it overwhelmed your senses.

He kissed your breast while using his fingers to search your warm caverns, his fingers stretching you out a little while you moaned. He wrapped his arms around your legs and yanked you down towards him. He entered you with a strong thrust making you cry out in sweet pleasure. Your hand gripped the bedsheets as he moved in you. The bed rocked against the wall causing somewhat of a commotion. He lifted your butt off the bed a little, finding a better angle to reach deeper inside of you. He hit that sweet spot over and over again, building up pleasure in your core like he was stock piling it for a sacred time.

The room was hot and filled with erotic sounds, moans, groans and hisses of pleasure. Junmyeon switched his position in the bed so that you could ride him. You happily took control of the pace, bouncing up and down on his swollen member. Beads of sweat started to collect on his forehead, his hair stuck to his skin, his chest felt hot but clammy as well. Your legs burned as you put them to work. He thursted up inside of you, sending a surge of pleasure waves through your body. You sank down on him, he held you close to his body, sitting up with you while he started to pump furiously inside of you.

Your hand cupped the side of his neck; your mouth hung open releasing moans, panting for breath as he moved in you. His eyes looked amazingly dark, the deep abyss of his blown out pupils stared into your soul; they swallowed your reflection. He slowed down his thrusts leaving you to roll your body against him. You kissed each other, tongues moving in rapid motions hungry to devour the other. Junmyeon acted more pleased, like he thrived in being rough, feverishly taking your body. He laid you back, switching to another position. Laying behind you, he lifted your leg and began to thrust himself inside you rapidly, the sound of wet slapping skin and hot heavy pants engulfed the room like it was your very own love making track.

"I'm gonna cum." You whispered.

He sucked a dark circle on the back of your neck, still moving, the tension tightening in your entire body. You whined louder, your body became restless until white flashed past your eyes, the wash of a powerful orgasam over took you, sending your body into careless spasms. Your hands practically ripped the sheets off the bed, your toes curled and your mouth hung open in a silent scream.

Junmyeon slowed down and pulled out of you moments later, your womanhood was hot and felt like it was dripping, it took a few moments for you to process he'd come inside you.

"Sorry." He panted.

You turned and wrapped your arm around his chest. You nuzzled your face into his neck,

"It's fine."

Your finger drew circles on his chest then drew shapes around his nipple. He grabbed your hand with a little chuckle claiming you were turning him on again. You looked up at him and said,

"Do you think if we had met each other back then- things would've been different?"

"I don't know. Maybe. It's possible I would've spent less time trying to piss you off though."


"Y/N." He said shocked.

"Let me do this." You whispered.

Your eyes stayed locked with his as you placed him in your mouth and proceeded to give him head.


Everyday since then was filled with sex between you and Junmyeon. Each day further added to what you were feeling inside. Junmyeon made no effort to ask you how you felt about him. He kept his questions to himself yet you could see it in his eyes everytime he was with you that he wanted to say something. He wanted to know how you felt. You finally pulled all the resources you had, including getting Siwon to ask his friend, Donghae, to use his police connections to find your mother. Junmyeon took the train with you all the way to Sunwon. Your heart was pumping thinking of seeing her again, you wondered how she'd react and if you'd get the answers you had been looking for. Junmyeon brought a picture of his mother, you wanted to discuss their friendship as well. There were many things you wanted to know but the most important one was why she abandoned you. Junmyeon noticed how tense you were, he tried to relax you by sharing his earphones with you and playing some kpop.

"How are you feeling?" He asked as the train came to your final stop.

You let out an uneasy breath,

"I'm annoyed to find out that of all the places she could've disappeared to, all this time she was only a twenty five minute train ride away."

"Let's just hope she has a good reason."

You weren't sure there was a good reason as to why she left you behind. You were even more stressed out about the court date coming up for your father. Your lawyer stressed that his attorney was prepared to argue his mental health condition to get him a lesser charge. It might result in him going free except he'd have to be managed on his meds. That made you nervous despite you knowing your father needed help.

It was another thirty minutes to the address Donghae gave you where your mother now lived. It was just your luck that she was actually home and opened the door.

"Can I help you?" She said.

Though she didn't recognize you, she stared at you like she knew you from somewhere. You supposed you had changed a lot since you were ten years old. There was some feeling of relief though that washed over you when you saw a look like she knew you even if she wasn't sure. That made your heart jump. You stared at her without saying anything for a moment. Junmyeon held your hand and said,

"Um, you're Kang Seol, correct?"

"Who are you?" She said.

Junmyeon offered her the picture of his mother. She looked at it lovingly but it was the fact that she looked like she was going to cry that made you upset on the inside. Seol looked up at Junmyeon and said,

"My goodness, you're her son aren't you?"

Junmyeon nodded and she took in a shaky breath. Junmyeon held your hand tighter and said,


She took in a sharp breath and stared at you. There was so much pain in her face, your emotions fluttered everywhere. She stepped aside and extended her arm into her home,

"Come in." She said with a hint of shame.

Junmyeon walked you into the house. You both stood in the foyer, Seol closed the door and walked over to you two. She had you follow her deeper into her small home, it was bland and unwelcoming much like she seemed to be. She took a seat in a low tan chair that sat adjacent from a dingy grey couch. Her furniture seemed to just be thrown in there without a care. She was never this lack luster when you were growing up. She was a statistics professor, she made good money and had a good reputation. What happened to her, you wondered?

"I assume you're here because you found out." She said.

"You say it like it was some big secret." You said.

"Well it was, not only did we betray our husbands but we were never able to truly be together the way we wanted. It was forbidden." Seol said.

You took a moment to process that, you and Junmyeon looked at each other confused then looked back at Seol. Her eyes narrowed in a confusion of her own.

"What do you mean your friendship was forbidden? How did you two betray our father's?" You asked.

She seemed unsettled, her eyes widened as she realized she released a secret neither one of you two knew existed. She looked away, her eyes filled with terror.


Junmyeon held your hand as he sensed your anger rising up a little more. If you lost your mind now, she might not tell you what you really wanted to know. She looked back over at you, her eyes shifted between you and Junmyeon. She sighed and said,

"Me and Haejin, we were friends for a long time. Since high school but there was always something there. Something between us. Our lives shifted us in different directions, we had our own lives, our own families but when we found each other...when we realized, no matter who we were with, our feelings didn't change we-"

You interrupted her putting pieces together,

"Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Are you telling me that you- that you and Junmyeon's mother- you were," you couldn't even speak it.

"We were lovers." She said.

The world stopped.

Was this the reason for the divorce? It couldn't be, Junmyeon was seven when Haejin died, you were ten when she walked out. Junmyeon's hand slid from yours. Silence fell over the room.

Kang Seol and Lee Haejin were..... lovers?lovers?

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