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If coming up with an individual idea or theme can be hard or the project is time sensitive, a photo collage generator is something to consider using. It is a fast and easy way to create a collage both beautifully and quickly in little time. They are useful tools, that have pre-set collage ideas, templates, and themes that will allow for easy photo placement, coping, and even themed music for media photo collages. Using the generator will also allow one to display their collage online for all to see. A photo collage generator creates any collage idea into its very own masterpiece and may be purchased, or downloaded free on the internet.

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Some collage ideas can include; a kids collage using photos of happy times or events of the child's life. Images created by the child such as colored pictures, or paintings. Small images of the child's favorite toys can be placed in the collage. Create a background out of images of the child's favorite cartoon character, and use colorful ribbons or crayons to frame the child's pictures. A collage of friends can be created out of photos of friends, old movie tickets, or other trinkets from places visited together. A great collage for the family to get involved with is a collage of the family it's self. Collecting photos, researching the family crest and history can be a project the entire family can do together. A special event collage is simply put together with special photos of the event, items such as a matchbook, a program, or napkin can be incorporated in.

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