Want to Improve the WiFi Range Reception? Here's What to do!

Is your WiFi network not performing up to your expectations? Does your WiFi ditches you while watching online movies with your better half with a glass of wine in the courtyard of your house? If yes, there are many things you can do to improve the situation prior to ordering a new WiFi router.

Here's how to maximize the signal strength of your WiFi device and minimize the interference caused by third-party wireless devices. Here we go.

Place large furniture near to exterior walls of your home

WiFi signals that don't have to travel through large cumbersome furniture will perhaps make better reception.

Reduce the number of mirrors in your home

All metallic surfaces can reflect the WiFi signals, including the thin metal layer that is found in most mirrors. To improve the WiFi reception, reduce the number of mirrors in your home or the other thing you can do – cover them.

Place your router at the right place for gaining maximum results

Your WiFi router is the backbone of your home networking system. So, while placing your router, consider the following things.

Place your WiFi router at the center location of your house. Do not place it at a lower shelf, beneath table, or at back of any device. Place your router away from doors and windows. Your WiFi router should also be placed away from the reach of cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, metal appliances, and electronic gadgets.

Make your WiFi reception even bigger with a Linksys range extender

Linksys range extender

A Linksys WiFi range extender extends the existing WiFi coverage without needing any Ethernet cables or wires.

Place your Linksys WiFi range extender between your access point of the router and your PC for an instant boost.

Switch to WPA/WPA2 from WEP

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (WiFi Protected Access) /WPA2 (WiFi Protected Access 2) are security algorithms that keep hackers/intruders away from breaking your WiFi network. WEP is a lot less secure than WPA/WPA2. In case, you're still running your internet through WEP instead of WPA/WPA2, then consider changing it so that unwanted forces cannot break into your home WiFi network.

Hide your SSID (network name)

If you don't want unknown people from potentially mooching off your WiFi signals, don't let them know your SSID.

Set up Linksys extender for better WiFi coverage

For Linksys extender setup:


Unplug the power cables. Turn off your router and your Linksys extender for a few seconds. Plug-in your extender first. Wait for all the LEDs to be stable then plug in your router.


linksys re6700 setup

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