Cenforce 100

what is cenforce 100 mg?

cenforce 100 mgerectile dysfunction

What is cenforce 100 used for?


How does it work :

cenforce fm 100 mg

side effects :

· Dizziness

· Spasms in the temporal region

· Redness in face and neck

· Swelling in the eyelids

· Unpleasant sensations in the nasal mucosa

· Change in color perception

· Fatigue

· Irritability

· Insomnia

Dosage :

Missed Dose:

If you have missed the dose of Cenforce 100, it is directed that you shall take it immediately as soon as you remember that you have missed the dose. Do not take additional than 1 dose in a day as its effect stays for long.


Overdose of Cenforce 100 shall not happen. If overdose happens, it may result into painful erection or even ceaseless loss of erections. Take immediate physician help if overdose happens and do take the matter seriously.

Warning :

cenforce 100 mg tablet

If the patient has heart, kidney, liver or eye problems, he should not consume this medicine.

Operating machinery, driving or any other activity demanding focus should be avoided as it causes dizziness.

This medicine may not suit every patient and hence medical history should be discussed before taking the medicine.

Storage :

Store at room temperature far from light and moisture. Keep away all drugs from kids and pets. Try not to flush prescriptions down the can or empty them into a channel except if taught to do as such.

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