Yuta Being Extra {Generations: Exile Tribe}

So as everyone knows, the leaders are usually the poor souls that have to take care of deviant, wild children. Let it be known that Alan is not lucky enough to avoid the responsibility of watching over crazy guys.

This is Yuta. .

He may look like a stoic serious person, but you're wrong. He is as wild and weird as they come, but that's what I love about him. Alan has had his hands full since he became the leader.

Exhibit A:


He photo/video bombs the kids while they're recording.

Exhibit B:


His faces kill me. When asked in an interview what he looks for in a girl/ideal girl type, he says someone who makes weird funny faces.

Not to toot my own horn or anything but I'm right up his alley. I'm extremely animated.

Exhibit C:

He is a huge man child that loves his prickly puppies.

Exhibit D:

. . . I have no idea what to put here other than he is catwalk ready with this fashion style. . .

Exhibit E:

Yuta doesn't have just any member he dislikes, he hates them all.

Exhibit F:


If he doesn't have a certain expression, he can't style his hair right. Ladies and gents, this is an ancient secret for the art of styling hair.

Exhibit G:


He's a gangster from Okinawa.

Exhibit I:


He knows. He gets what we think all the time. I mean that's how it works right?

He's only spitting facts.

My favorite is when he introduced himself


Again, Yuta only spits facts. He is the legendary Antonio Banderas.

☆ God he's great. Thank you Hiro for giving us this gem.

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