Beating Heart Ch.2 {Yoongi FF}


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Ch. 2

She woke up to the smell of breakfast. Getting dressed, she made her way to the kitchen. It felt like old times. Raquel helped make it, as they discussed what the day would entail.

“Raquel, you don't regret coming home do you?”

“Not at all grams. I'll adjust again. What time are we going to the restaurant?”

“Momentarily, I want to feed you first.”

“Sounds good.”

They finished up breakfast as they made their way to the business. It had been a little over a month or more since she came home. She missed everyone already, but her fate was to be back.

“Raquel, if your friends want to come visit you, they can. I don't want you to feel secluded.”

“It’s okay, I didn’t have many friends. I annoyed more people than anything.”

“I'm sure that's not the case.”

Raquel smiled thinking about her few friends, Yoongi especially. She never knew she’d miss him this much. She hoped that he’d be at ease since she wasn’t around him. About this time, Yoongi would be sleepily walking around in his apartment.

Approaching the restaurant, a few workers were setting up tables. When they walked in, the workers stopped.

“This is my granddaughter, she will be joining us.”

Everyone gave Raquel a warm welcome, she looked over at the table she carved into when she was a little girl.

“You still kept the table?”

“Your grandfather always told us that if we got rid of that, he’d get rid of us.”

She laughed at the thought of him throwing everyone away for touching the table. Raquel missed the restaurant, spending so many days there when she was younger. It became a second home to her. Every bit of the fragrances hitting her senses, sparked up the many memories she experienced. All the good and bad memories: her first heartbreak, the betrayal and regrets of past friendships that wilted away.

The restaurant opened as people shuffled in. Raquel was busy serving the food with the other waitress. They both were knowledgeable and quick on their feet. The rush of customers filled the restaurant. People loved the food, that was no surprise. Her grandmother was passionate about her cooking, it showed in the quality of the food.

Raquel finished serving the last table, noticing her uncle and cousin walk in; making her grandmother pause. He didn’t even acknowledge Raquel. She approached the three as he slammed a packet of papers on the table. Her interest was even more piqued.

“When are you going to sign mom?”

“Never. I have no reason to sell my restaurant. Not then, especially not now. Your dad would be disappointed in your behavior.”

“What? You think you can run it by yourself?”

“Not by myself, I have Raquel.”

Her uncle turned to her, “You expect a child to help you? I know dad dying was hard, but you're becoming delusional.”

“I'm not a child,” she stepped closer to the table, “I spent my childhood here, I know the ins and outs of this place. I can help her.”

“You’re not even related. You’re just adopted, so you have no say Raquel.”

The entire restaurant was silenced by her grandmother’s hand connecting with his face.

“You will not talk to her like that. She is more family than you. After you grew up, you forgot simple life morals and ethics. I will not have you disrespect Raquel.”

He was above being angry. She never struck him before. It infuriated him that she took Raquel’s side.

“It’s okay gram.”

“It is not, he will not talk to you like that. Get out and take this contract with you!”

She threw the files in his face, pointing at the door. Both guys left defeated as Raquel locked the door behind them. Approaching her grandmother, she sat down.

“They want me to get rid of this place. Your grandfather fought him tooth and nail. Son being stubborn, the jerk, he won’t take no for an answer.”

“The restaurant isn’t going bankrupt is it?”

“Lord no child, we’re set for life. I just am not ready to see it go and turned into something that isn’t beneficial to our small community. With the city being miles away, we offer good food at good prices. People of all walks are welcome here. We also help farmers by buying fresh produce and ingredients. Your uncle doesn’t understand that.”

“I hope he will, for your sake Grams.”

“Even if he doesn’t, I don’t care. This restaurant will stay open. If you don’t take it, then manager Choi will.”

Raquel stood over her grandmother as she calmed her down. The workers were quiet, feeling strange from the conversation. She hadn’t met manager Choi yet, but hoped that he would be kind. Two silhouettes were hanging outside the door. This caught. Raquel’s attention. She figured it was her uncle and cousin trying to start more strife with her grandmother.

“You two really have no couth! Didn’t she tell you to leave the first time!”

Hoseok and Yoongi grinned at their sharp tonged friend. They missed her.

“Hey dodo, who put you in a tizzy?”

“Yoo-Yoongi? Hoseok? What are you doing here?”

“We miss you, a lot. We wanted to come visit.”

“But what about your schooling?”

“Did you forget we get breaks every semester?”

She was happy inside. Hoseok always knew when she was down or upset. Almost like he had an alarm that went off anytime she needed him. Yoongi, on the other hand, she was unsure why he came. He was the last person she thought she’d see standing in her grandmother’s restaurant.

“Come in, sorry about that. My self-righteous relatives just left. I thought you two were them.”

“We heard, they pulled up before we did, but we didn’t want to meddle.”

“Raque, dear, who are these young men?”

“This is Hoseok, and Yoongi. They are friends from my old school.”

Her grandmother bowed as they waved,

“Please sit, you boys must be hungry coming all this way out here.”

They sat at the table while Raquel served them.

“How’s Seo-Ah?”

Hoseok looked away. Something happened that made him uncomfortable with the mentioning of her name.

“They broke up. Seo-Ah wasn’t the girl he thought she was.”

“Hoseok,” she placed her hand on his, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It’s okay. I guess it’s better this way. Plus I can come see you with no backlash.”

“Did you get bored with not having anyone to mess with, Yoongi?”

“A few different reasons; that being one yes.”

She did miss his crass after all. Raquel gave them a tour of the restaurant as her grandmother finished the bookkeeping for the night.

“You gentleman can stay with us.”

“Thank you for your generous offer ma’am.”

The four closed up shop making their way back to Raquel’s new home. There was plenty space for them to stay. Her grandmother didn’t want Raquel to feel alone, so seeing her friends, made her less worried about that. Raquel showed them to their rooms.

“Raquel, you’re grandmother’s house is huge for just you two. Why have you lived in a tiny apartment all of this time?”

“It's not my money to spend. I want going to have them pay a lot for just me. Anyways, you guys sleep well. You’ve had a long journey here.”

She made a detour to her grandfather’s hobby room. Raquel wanted to avoid it, but she couldn't. They spent time together in this room. The memories flooded her mind as she sat in his chair. It was a harsh reality that he would never make another one with her. Raquel curled up crying.

She heard the door creak open, as someone appeared with a blanket in hand. He slid between the chair and Raquel, wrapping her up. She couldn't tell who it was by all the tears, but his embrace was warm. He allowed her to cry as he just comforted her; running his hands through her hair.

“I know nothing I say will make this better, but I'm here for you. Cry if you need too. That’s why I came.”

The guy embraced her all night. His touch was strong, but tender. Warm and protective; even generous. These were the kinds of hugs that you would only receive if you were truly lucky.

She had been hugged before, but this was a different force. Not once did she open her eyes, it simply hurt to do so. It was just nice to feel a warm embrace. It was entrancing.

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