Mr. Perfect and Ms. Anomaly +21 Part 2

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Part 2

I could hear someone being slapped as I walked passed Namjoon's door. I stopped dead in my tracks when the head of the cheerleaders squad walked out fixing her skirt.

I will admit I had a smirk on my face.

"What the fuck are you looking at weird ass bitch?" She blurted

I bit down on my lip which was painted with Kat Von D Black lipstick. "It is my house too blonde bitch. Please have some manners."

She flicked her blonde hair and rolled her eyes as she stormed off. I could hear Namjoon's low chuckle as he watched her. Then I could feel his eyes on me.

"Idk what the hell you are looking at. Did Barbie hurt Mr. Perfect."

Namjoon pinned me on the wall. "You could do better without sarcasm. I need a word with you anyways."

"Look Namjoon I have shit to do please make this pointless conversation quick." My arms were folded.

"You and your friends are being a pain in my ass. You all protesting for funds for that art club could you just cool it for a while?"

"No. Is that it cuz I got shit to do and..."

"Plus I can't get off to any other bitch due to you and that delicious pussy. You must take responsibility for your actions."


I almost chocked on my spit. My eyes widen as I dropped my art supplies on the floor and unfinished protest posters.

"Come again?"

"Exactly. I'm stressed and only you can make me come."

Namjoon slowly walked over to me. He pulled off my black sheer over shirt and began tugging at the black tube top underneath it.

"You smell so good y/n." Namjoon whispered in my ear before planting soft kisses on my ears.

Suddenly I could feel air attacking my nipples. I cursed myself for not wearing a bra. "Ah I knew you didn't have on a bra. Those titts bouncing as you protested today...I wanted to fuck you then."

"Namjoon you need to back off or I will..."

"Where is that protest babe at now?" Namjoon grinned and began sucking on my left nipple. He looked up at me drinking up my facial expressions.

He moved to the right making sloppy noises and slapping my left. He was right am I allowing this? Why won't a protest.

I moaned as he tugged, sucked, and teased me.

"Oh your cheerleader whore couldn't please you?" I moaned.

Namjoon stopped and looked up at me. "Don't get cocky." He said.

"Fine no need to. It's not like you need me anyway. I began picking up my belongings.

Namjoon stopped me. He pulled my items out my hand and crashed into my face with those perfect peach lips. We fell on his bed. He ripped my clothes off like an animal and began kissing my other lips. He paused and sniffed me with that perfect nose of his.

"You smell so good..." He gasped.

He began kissing my inner thigh and teasing my numb with this thumb. I bit my lip. He blew on my sensitive numb then sucked on his thumb while giving me eye contact. He warm eyes now dark.

Namjoon began sucking and licking on my numb while sticking his long finger deep inside me. I could feel my ocean rising. He was so good at this too perfect. He curved his fingers hitting my g spot.

I screamed in pleasure. "You gonna make me squirt!"

"Gush all over me baby." Namjoon moaned.

I tried holding back. I didn't want him to control me. But it was so hard and I wanted to come...claim his face...those lips.

Finally everything went black and I felt this hot wet explosion. I gushed all over his beautiful tanned peach face. He licked my thighs.

I was coming down from my high.

"Ride me...I need you baby." Namjoon groaned.

I crawled in top of my prey. His needy eyes as he watched me. However I didn't do exactly what he wanted. I wanted to have fun.

I licked him from base to tip. He hissed and as ran my tongue all over his tip covered with pre cum. I loved his taste. Namjoon sucked on his lower lip. I looked deep into his eyes as his member slowly disappeared in my mouth. A talent I've been working on. Namjoon eyes widen with shock.

I took my time slowly sucking him making teasing sloppy noises and gagging at the right moment. Namjoon eyes shut as he enjoyed his torture. He hissed and cussed.

"Y/n you are so fucking good...." His voice low.

"Better than that girl you claim?" I said

"What girl?" Namjoon said.

"Exactly." I hovered above him. "If you want this cake...if you want this you have to surrender to me. That means you cannot fuck anyone else. Kiss...flirt..oral sex...whatever. You belong to me if you want to make demands." I said.

"Are you trying to me my girlfriend...I don't know about being in an exclusive..."

"Well then Mr. President that's it. Good luck with busting a nut." I attempted to get off him.

"Okay. I mean you are cute. I've always had a crush on you but you never gave me the time of day." Namjoon said.

"I'm not trying to be your girlfriend. I'm just claiming property. You speak so sweet but you never liked me Namjoon. You always liked the other girls. You don't have to make this romantic."

Namjoon rolled his eyes. "Agreed. Ride me."

I slipped him inside taking as much as I could. I moved slowly watching his reactions. He pulled me into a kiss and slammed inside me.

He muted my moan by pulling me deeper into a kiss. I began riding him faster as our pelvic boned kissed.

"Shit you are so tight baby" he said while viewing him going in and out of me.

He felt so warm and he filled me perfectly as my body adjusted and allowed him full entrance. Namjoon began sucking my right breast and rubbing my numb as a ride him.

"Yes ride that fucking dick baby. Fuck..." He moaned.

I moaned loudly. "Who dick is this Kim fucking Namjoon?"

"Yours baby...this is yours y/n." He moaned

"Who can only make you come?" I moaned.

"Baby" Namjoon moaned loudly.

"Come for" I looked him directly in his eyes.

Namjoon couldn't speak and I admit I was close to falling apart. I could feel my fire explode as Namjoon pulled out and exploded all over the place. I chuckled as I feel on his trembling from my orgasm.

He softly laughed and kissed me. "Looks like I've got some cleaning to do.

"You are so freaking clumsy boy." I whispered with a smirk.

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