Getting a Good Company Secretary

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A Valiant Multi-Tasker

A Company Secretary has a lot of work to manage at the same time, like preparing for meetings, making sure that the governance of the company is not compromised at any point of time and is constantly up to date; building up an effective communication channel amongst the management and the board of directors. The job of a company secretary tends to be quite varied, an individual has a number of tasks on the desk at one point of time, so one needs to keep the energy levels up at all times. Maintaining an effective communication channel is a must; so that the people understand, what is on your mind and that they let you know what’s most important to get done first.

Competent Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are an essential attribute for any Company secretary because they are constantly in touch with senior management like board members, CEOs, senior executives and many senior stakeholders. They must possess diplomacy, tact, discretion, emotional intelligence, good negotiation and skills. They must be patient listeners and able to communicate effectively in both written and oral forms. The Company Secretary should have effective relationships with the board members, offering neutral advice and always work for serving the best interest of the company. The Company Secretary should always assist the chairman with all the developmental processes, including board evaluation, training etc.

The Perfect Planner

A good Company Secretary should be a master strategist and should always stay one step ahead in the business game. This is essential because the board and committee meetings are based on a tight schedule and the external, as well as internal obligations, should be met on time. A secretary should also have a good knowledge of managing projects because there are several ongoing projects going on at a time, which requires proper attentiveness.

The Just Judge

A company secretary should possess the ability to make sound judgments and decisions in tricky circumstances. This is a key requirement for an able company secretary. This is mainly because; the company secretary has to deal with the senior management of a company. The Company Secretary also plays a pivotal role in communicating with the stakeholders of the company. A company secretary is often the first point of contact for the resolution of queries.

Putting the Cover

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