Ruling pharma industry with ERP

Erp for pharmaceutical company

Today with growing technology, it has become compulsory that a streamlined business process requires centralized management, quick decision making as well as clear data analytics for growth of any business. For the reason, today a lot of businesses are adapting ERP or the smartest mean of resource planning to meet their needs. Now every industry bears its own suitable software but the Eresource ERP is very different. Since a long time, the pharmaceutical industry has taken over major transformations due to extremely competitive markets as well as introduction of stringent production regulations. Now the companies have to deal with informed customer and for the reason has become imperative.  This has made a way to maintain highest quality standards across all processes. Even globally accredited companies have fueled the need of having more organized processes enabling faster production complying with rules and regulations.

The changing scenario

ERP for the pharma company

Key benefits

Some of the major benefits of ERP for pharma industry are like

· Proper compliance management.

· Real time bi-directional material traceability.

· Proper batch tracking in WIP with yield reconciliation.

· Efficient and effective management of BMR/BRP as per the GMP.

· Wastage elimination through expiry alerts or FEFO based material consumption.

· Quality management with IPQC, in process inspection and certificate of analysis.

· Management information reporting at various levels.

· Managing outsourced lab testing for various microbial tests.

· Minimizing the operational work through automatic alerts between departments.

pharmaceutical ERP systems

ERP For pharmaceuticals

There are pharmaceutical ERP based software’s which are quite effective to identify and track every single raw material from receipt through processing, packaging and shipping to the exact customer location. This is the way to prevent for many small and medium Indian enterprises keeping away from implementing the effective tool. Eresource erp is considerably the cheapest and best one to take on for the ERP software utilization and putting on the advantage of this effective tool in a successful manner. This can help effectively track various properties at the same time can optimize and improve other business processes like batch production, sales function, inventory control purchasing, quality assurance and even manage with accounting and finance regulatory reporting.


The ERP in pharma industry has bought on the best of ability to streamline operations, maximizing productivity as well as increase the profitability. This is hence considered with providing ability to track every single raw material from receipt with the finished product delivery and its adaptability to unique manufacturing process. The following is going to help to overlook every area of business without the need for separate software packages or expensive customization.

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