Best Times To Change Your Door Locks

There are times when you know specifically when to change your door lock and that happens when your lock is damaged. However, you should also be careful at other times to protect yourself from harm. Introducing a layered protection system to your home makes your home safer than it normally is with just a lock and key system.

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Changing Locks

Apart from the damaged lock scenario, you should change your house lock in any of the following scenarios. It should be treated as a life-threatening situation as locks are the first layer of protection to your house.

1. Moving Into a New House

The last thing we have on our mind when we move into a new house or apartment is changing the locks. It does not matter whether you are the owner or the renter, you need changed locks to keep yourself safe from unwanted guests. In case of an apartment, you can ask your landlord to change the locks as soon as the previous tenants leave the space.

2. Breakup, Divorce or Separation

If you are going through a divorce, breakup or separation, it is a hard phase. You are not getting back together as you are ending the mutual terms. Therefore, it is better to change your locks and cover your bases to protect your house while everything cools off. Even if you had a roommate and the roommate has left your apartment, you should change your locks and do not take any chances.

3. Losing keys

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4. Locks Getting Old

If your house locks are getting old then you should get them changed in order to avoid situations like lock or key jamming. Old locks are difficult to operate as they start rusting from within. Moreover, old locks are also easily tampered as they get vulnerable with time. Therefore, it is better to change the old locks and replaced them with newer, safer locks.

5. Burglary In The House

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Any Other Situation

Apart from the above-mentioned situations, there can be other situations that need lock replacements. These situations include change of roommates, your residence going through some upgrades that needs handing over of keys to the repairmen or contractors and so on. New locks are also manufactured using latest technology so the change in internal locking system can also be a reason to change the locks.

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