5 Common Pros and Cons of Solar Metal Roofing- You Should Know

Buying or building a new house is one of the meticulous decisions of life. It is sometime the reason for being indecisive on buying a house when you don’t have much idea about building materials and techniques. Roofing comes one of those matter in building or buying a house.

solar metal roofing

Now obviously, let be it clear- like everything else solar metal roofing pros and cons are equally under heat of debate.

advantages and disadvantages of solar metal roofing

So, before we start discussing metal roofing- let’s be familiar with solar metal roofing that what this roofing is about. This comes under roofing tiles category or shingle like structure.

What is Solar Metal Roofing?

This is actually a combined panel of crystalline or thin film of photo electric cells which upon receiving sunlight generate electric energy. These panels are used as roof shingles to make roofing beautiful along with producing electric energy.

Pros of Solar Metal Roofing.

As you have idea of solar metal roofing so now move ahead to talk about some common benefits and disadvantages of solar metal roofs.

1- Anti-Moss and Fungus

Solar metal roofing is strongly resistant to moss and fungus. Unlike asphalt and other shingles, solar metal roofing is sturdily harmful to growth of mildew, fungus and moss. These plants and herbs when grow on your roofing, then your roofing starts decaying and rendering problems of leakage. This problem is commonly known as plaque. So, solar metal roofing is harshly against the algae and fungi.

2- Small Animal Resistant

cost on roofing maintenance

3- Energy Efficient

This is the most known and popular benefit of the solar metal roofing. The solar tiles or shingles produce electric energy through photo electric cells. In summer it can generate energy for an entire household even you can save up energy for winters and other seasons in batteries.

4- Styles and Trend

Solar metal roofing has tremendous fever of styling for house roofing. It gives a resplendent look to house. There are many styles and designs or available in the market for solar metal roofing. San Antonio also matches its pace with adopting modern techs of energy efficient houses and buildings.

5- Easy Installation

residential roofing contractors of San Antonio

Cons of Solar Metal Roofing.

1- Prone to Breakage

Solar metal roofing shingles are made up of tiles which have glassy structure inside. This makes it prone to breakage.

2- Expensive

Solar roof metal structure is somewhat expensive as compared to other roofing types. Plus, every contractor for roof installation is not capable of doing this project.

3- Don’t absorb Noise

Solar metal roofing tiles are unable to absorb noise so whilst stormy night it often keeps rattling.

4- Difficult To Repair

When a tile breaks off, it is hard to repair. In normal cases, a new tile has to be replaced.

5- Climate Bound

Solar metal roof is favorable to be installed where summer lasts longer and sunlight falls with plenty. In snowy areas this is not recommended.

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