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Quite often I come across this topic on the Internet. Since there are quite a lot of people in America who speak Russian, many people look for and ask each other where I can buy books in Russian on the Internet. Preferably inexpensive and with adequate delivery cost.

This post is dedicated to everyone who would like to know where on the Internet it is possible to buy Russian books in America. I will try to be as objective and honest as possible. Estimates, I will agree at once, exhibited from my personal preferences and beliefs.

Probably the best I've ever had to deal with. The site has been around for quite some time now, and it puts a variety of books up for sale every week. The main specialization is books for books, and sometimes so rare and unusual that the diva is given where they all come from. However, they buy and resell libraries of Russian books in the USA. They have new books, but I think they make up 40% of the total mass. They specialize in emigrant and rare books and magazines in Russian.

New books from Russia, it should be noted, they have some, but they do not appear at once. Prices are very democratic, although everything certainly depends on the rarity of this or that copy. The place of residence is the sleeping quarters of Queens. Another important fact: all, absolutely all the books posted on the site are available. I've never been told that the book is somewhere in a warehouse in Russia and will be in a couple of weeks. So if you found something, then order safely - if you need to quickly you can UPS, if not burning, the usual media mail - a week should reach 100%.

Rating: 5/5.


Very good and democratic and, at least, honest website. If they have a book, it will be sent within 1-3 days, if not, then ordered from Russia and it will be in a week and a half. Prices - not too high, quite acceptable. Delivery I have not tried them, because I live near the store and I have 2 minutes to go. I would also like to note that in the store itself prices are a little cheaper than on the site. Updates are quite common, so that the desired book will appear in a week and a half after its release in Russia. Matching books on the site and in the store - 90-95%. There are no books in Bukinistry. Only new books. Also sell toys and educational games for children. There is no special specialization. The site has several mirrors on which they sell the same books as the main site.

Rating: 4.5/5.


This site is a representative office of the company St. Petersburg, which has existed in the U.S. for quite a long time. They specialize in books and all kinds of souvenir products. Not so long ago opened a store in Manhattan. Among the advantages we should mention relatively low prices. Of the disadvantages - novelties come quite a long time, the choice - seems to be quite large, but in fact it is not. About the conformity of the goods on the site with the goods in the store I can say that about 80%. The store is often more than on the site, so do not buy online. If you want to know about the availability of goods, then I advise to call and clarify. There is free delivery of all orders from $75. Do not specialize in something specific.

Evaluation: 3.8/5.


I don't have the best associations with this site. Very often, what you ordered is not available. It's just stupid not available, that's all. And you won't be notified of that. The status of the order will hang for a long time - your order is processed, and then there will be - either it is not available, or we ordered it, and it will not be soon. Wait, like. And when they have it, it's a mystery covered in darkness. So the conformity of the goods on the site and the store 50%. That is, there is still the option that you're lucky and the book ordered will be sent to you at the end of the week. A small and dead advantage - delivery is always 4.99 for any number of books, if I do not change my memory and there is a permanent 15% discount to order from $ 100 and above. Prices on average, I would say, not so high compared to other sites. There are on sale (I did not say available:) and rare and gift books. The prices for them are appropriate. Anyway - my advice to you: if you suspect that your order is something wrong then call the store and find out. They themselves will never call you back. Still, it should be noted that they have a good selection of interesting books, new products they track and bring all the time. I bet 3.5 only because I managed to buy a couple of rare books there, if not for this, the score would be 2.5-3.0.

Rating: 3.5/5.

Site -

A small, small shop like this with amazing prices for new books. ALL VERY EXPENSIVE. Buy there in case of emergency, if you're nowhere else. There are some books and books from the past. There's no specialty. They trade in all kinds of books. There is also some souvenir products. Matching books on the site with the books in the store about 80%. New products appear quickly. They are expensive. Sometimes there are discounts. Some books are posted with reduced prices.

Rating: 3/5.

Site -

It's a very interesting shop with a lot of old books. Prices for old books are democratic - for new books are high. It's better to buy books from them. If you come to a store where you can feel some of the spirit of the shops of the past years and see what they have in stock, you should look through it, maybe you will find something interesting for yourself. Send by regular mail, it takes a week and a half to wait. Matching books on the website with the books in the store: about 50%. Thank you for the rare editions.

Rating: 4/5.

Site -

As far as I know, they specialize in academic literature and small editions. They can also subscribe to various magazines and newspapers from Russia. It will cost you a penny, but it is yours, I warned you. Prices are high. It's expensive. But what they have is only for them and no one else. They send it out quickly. They work with libraries - they supply specialized literature. Matching books on the website with the store, I guess 100%. It's serious there.

Score: 4/5.

Site -

Not a bad site, there are many new products and is famous for its frequent sales. They always write that the number of books on sale is limited, so who came first bought first.

The main concentration of the site is selling Russian language textbooks, teaching foreigners Russian. It's sent out quickly. I can not say exactly how many books on the site corresponds to what they have in the store. They have their own catalogue. I check the site from time to time, so I can't tell you how fast they get new books. Prices - a big spread, but novelties and bestsellers are usually expensive. I do not advise to take, you can find cheaper. I only bought from them once and it was a book on sale.

Rating: 4/5.

The site is

The site is part of the RBC Video store, which is located in Brighton. Pretty good choice of all kinds of literature; there are many gift editions available. There's no specialty; despite the name of the books I've never noticed. About the conformity of books on the site with those that the store can not say anything concrete; online did not buy, but they have a choice. There is also children's literature. At the entrance to the store is usually a booth with the latest novelties. Prices in my opinion are quite moderate, although not cheap. In general, the store itself leaves a good impression of itself, there is something to see and choose.

Rating: 4/5.

Site -

The site existed in 2008. They specialize in children's books. I can't say anything concrete about prices, as I didn't buy anything from them. Nevertheless, I have read very positive reviews about it from different people. They are territorially located in California. They write that they keep track of all children's novelties.

Rating: Not yet.


I basically do not order books from Russian sites, because:

a) delivery of books from Russia costs rabid money (often the cost of delivery is higher than the book. I think it is not normal).

b) see point a);

c) books may not be available;

d) if it is out of stock, they will try to get it at the publishing house and it may take some more time, but it does not guarantee that the book will find you after all;

e) the only decent site is - they know what they're doing: they send out the books immediately and they get there fast enough.

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