KISS News: BTS "Black Swan" Lyrics and Theory

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Everyone has to be talking about this song. I love the vibe and Jimin voice has much presence in the song. I really hope they share the making of the video. I know the guys were clowing on the parts where Jimin had to look and be aggressive.


My opinion

This song shows the struggles of staying real with yourself. With success does come happiness but also the fight to balance success and not forget who you are. BTS is successful and continues to be. I have been lucky to be an ARMY since 2013 and witnessed this growth. My fears was that the exposure would create chaos and they might become sucked into the dark side of the music industry. The song displays that. They speak about how they must keep fighting and not loose sight of themselves, their original/organic self, stay focused on their true love... music. They compared loosing this as death. I love how BTS is open with us and allow us to grow with them.

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