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So I've had to put a plan together and decided to do a weekly challenge!

Let's try and get some juices flowing..... ew, my mind went there

MondayOne Shot Challenge

One shots


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It can be about anything, anyone, not just kpop stuff, okay?! I really wanna break free of that Kpop fanfic only thing. I'm not complaining, I love our Kpop fan fic but there is a lot. But You may write about your bias if you'd like. I'm not totally against it *smiley face*

I wanna read something more than just Smut.

Great community for that just started, so if you really need your smut fix, you can head on over there...

If you would like to be included, whether to write or read, comment below to be tagged.

Let's Do This!!

Thank you!



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