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When Is A Man Said To Be Impotent?

A man is said to be impotent when he finds it tough to get a hardon and even if he does get one, he finds it impossible to keep it hard long enough, so that he can have sex. Impotence is also called ED and when a man suffers from ED, he is unable to have sex.

ED is one of the most common of all the sexual problems in the world and there are around 200 million men all across the globe, who suffer from this problem. Though ED on its own is not harmful, neglecting it can be a very big problem.

Why You Should Never Neglect ED

ED can be a warning sign to you that you are suffering from some kind of health problem. What is worse, is the fact that this health problem, could even be one that could take your life. Yes, ED can be an indicator that you could be suffering from any of the following health issues such as Parkinson's disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, Metabolic syndrome, Peyronie's disease, anxiety, depression, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, obesity, sleep disorders, Multiple sclerosis, stress and diabetes.

4 Common Causes of Male Impotency

There are 4 very common causes of male impotency and these are as follows:

Heart Related:

Nerve and Neurologic Conditions:

Choice of Lifestyle:

Certain Medicines:

What Tests Are Done To Check For ED?

There are a number of tests that are done, which can determine whether or not you are impotent and these are:

· Ultrasound

· Blood tests

· Psychological examination

· Urine testing

· Physical examination

Can Male Impotency Be Prevented?

There are a number of reasons due to which you could become impotent. But here are some ways, in which it might be possible for you to prevent this from happening:

· Get sufficient sleep.

· Exercise regularly.

· Do not smoke.

· Reduce depression, anxiety and stress.

· Stay on a healthy diet.

· Stay far from drugs and alcohol.

How to Treat Male Impotency

There are a number of treatments that are available to deal with ED and some of the most commonly used of these are:

Penis Pumps:

Regular Exercise:

Natural Remedies:male sexual dysfunction treatment


Changes in Lifestyle:

Oral Drugs: Fildena

Why Is Fildena Effective In Treating Impotence?

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How is this even possible? How can men who are impotent have sex – and that too for many hours? This is because the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate is present in this drug. Sildenafil Citrate increases the flow of blood into the penis and gives a man a very hard erection, allowing him have just superb sex, for a long time.

How Do You Take Fildena?

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Fildena Is Available In Various Strengths


Fildena 25 mg Tablet

Fildena 50

· Fildena 120 mg Tablet

· Fildena 150 mg Tablet

Fildena Professional

· Fildena CT 100

Fildena 100

· Fildena Double Tablet

Fildena Super Active

· Fildena XXX

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From Where Can You Get Fildena?

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Frequently Asked Question:

Q. How long can the average man stay Erection?


Q. What are the types of erections?

There are three very different types of Erection like, psychogenic, reflexogenic and nocturnal. Now, the most common Erection is your reflexogenic erection, caused by Physical contact. The second is your psychogenic erection, caused by audiovisual arousal or imagination. The third and final is your nocturnal erection that comes when you are in the deep REM stage of sleep – and which has very little done to with sexual stimulation.

Q. What are the signs of impotence in a man?

Erectile Dysfunction is also called as Impotence and it is a most common problems in men’s. The main three symptoms of (Erectile Dysfunction) like,

· Inability to get a strong erection:

· Failure to keeping an erection

· Reduced Sexual Desire

Symptoms that may also occur along with ED include:

· Loss of libido (low sex drive)

· Premature ejaculation

· Other problems ejaculating

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