Groups/Solo Artists I've Seen Live

Please share the concerts/artists you've seen as well!!

I have been to KCON NY since it began in 2015 so I have seen a handful of artists. I just wanted to share some of those performances from KCON here!


VIXX (2015)

AOA (2015)

Girls' Generation (2015)

Teen Top (2015)

BTS (2016)

Eric Nam (2016)

Mamamoo (2016)

Seventeen (2016)

Ailee (2016)

BTOB (2016)

Day6 (2016)

Crush (2016)

Dynamic Duo (2016)

Twice (2017)

CNBLUE (2017)

GFriend (2017)

Highlight (2017)

KNK (2017)

UP10TION (2017)

SF9 (2017)

Zion.T (2017)

NCT 127 (2017)

Heize (2018)

Pentagon (2018)

My cute babies, I'm glad I got to see them with E'Dawn, sadly Yanan wasn't there though. :.(

Red Velvet (2018)

Ugh, yes, the iconic Bad Boy English version! MY friend is a huge Red Velvet stan and he was dying next to me.

Stray Kids (2018)

Changbin and Jisung's Matryoshka intro was everything istg!

Glad I also got to see them as 9 at least once.

Super Junior (2018)

And Leslie Grace, cause I gotta mention her! It was iconic!

SM wasn't playing with their groups stages this year!

EXID (2018)

I'm sad I didn't get to see Solji but still was an amazing performance!

Also have to add LE's solo stage, cause it was just beautiful!

fromis_9 (2018)

Golden Child (2018)

The intro was everything!

NCT 127 (2018)

Like I said, SM wasn't playing this year. Tae looked so good! Intro was so damn good!

And I can't pass this by without sharing the iconic Whiplash stage! I was clingy to my friend's arm the entire time freaking out.

Wanna One (2018)

I'm glad I got to see them at least once!

NU'EST (2019)

It was amazing!

TXT (2019)

The Boyz (2019)

Because of this I gave in and biased both Hyunjae and Eric.

AB6IX (2019)

Woojin was injured but still came. He's amazing!

Ateez (2019)

My friend wasn't a fan of Ateez until he saw them perform live, he is now Mingi trash.

IZ*ONE (2019)

SF9 (2019)

(G)I-DLE (2019)


I fell for Dongheon and Kangmin because of this! I previously didn't have a bias decided.

fromis_9 (2019)

Seventeen (2019)


So, I've seen Seventeen, fromis_9, NCT 127, and SF9 twice!!


Comment who all you've seen and who's concert/performance was your favorite or favorite exerience!


I sadly won't be going to KCON this year as I have like no money. :.(

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