Sushi Restaurants In Johannesburg Vs. Sushi Restaurants In Cape Town

sushi restaurants in Cape Town


Starting with the simplest sushi’s let’s decide which of the areas win as the best sushi restaurants. The tuna is the most popular, cheap and simplest sushi dish. It is mainly called Hosomaki in Johannesburg.


sushi restaurants in Johannesburg

Sweet Prawn

The seafood restaurants in Cape Town are a bit different as they do not stick to the regular routine. They keep trying new methods to satiate the customer’s hunger. Futomaki is supposed to be had in two or three-bite whereas one can eat Hosomaki in a single bite. This is one of the most different kinds of shrimp or prawn dishes that one can have. There are so many fillings inside the role that gives so many different flavors and textures. The fish component is well balanced and it gives a tough competition to traditional seafood restaurants in Johannesburg.

Tuna Tulips

Flower Gunkans are one of the most authentic type of Japanese Sushi. They are made with delicate hands and making them is no less than an art. These are sticky rise that are wrapped with different fish like tuna and salmon. Uramiki on the other hand are rice with different fillings inside and the seafood restaurants in Johannesburg excel in them.

The competition is quite difficult, but truly the seafood restaurants in Cape Town tying new ways to innovate sushi and that is quite commendable.

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