My Experience with Keracare Hair Products

Keracare Hair Products

So, I've been using the shampoo and conditioner of Keracare for a long time and also in these products. I have the leave-in conditioner okay. So, the leave-in conditioner totally shocked me but before we get into talking about the leave-in conditioner we're gonna talk about the shampoo and conditioner.

So, I've been using KeraCare shampoo and conditioner for years like a long long long time my sister actually introduced me to KeraCare Avalon it's the company that makes KeraCare but I've been using this she introduced me to this for it's been a long time of years.

I think before I even went natural yeah so it's been a staple shampoo and conditioning product so let's talk about the shampoo.

This is the hydrating detangling shampoo. So, they have other shampoos and KeraCare but this particular one is the hydrating detangling shampoo and when I say this is the best effing detangling shampoo that I've ever tried on my hair and I've been natural for a while like a long time this is the best hydrating detangling shampoo okay.

When I put this stuff in my hair after I clarify or even if I don't decide to clarify my scalp I used this particular product and literally I take my hand and my fingers just glide through glides.

I mean it just glides through my hair like. I am not kidding like I'm not even over exaggerating like. I am so soon like this stuff is amazing and it's so hydrating like it.

It lathers really well you don't need a whole lot of it however you put as much shampoo in your hair. You want I don't care. I like to put a lot of shampoo in my hair but even when I tried just putting a little bit of shampoo in my hair baby this stuff.

I'm telling you this has been a staple you know. I try other shampoos Redken the main choice and the list goes on and I always come back to keracare. So, needless to say, I love the shampoo. I absolutely love it and it is the hydrating detangling shampoo if you missed that okay.

So, next is the himeko creme conditioner. This conditioner attracts moisture hence the word himeko it retains it keeps moisture in your hair. Hence, he meant oh and I freaking love this conditioner.

I actually use this sometimes it's a deep conditioner if I'm like in a hurry and don't feel like using the other stuff. That I have but uh this conditioner is definitely a good one and it goes really well with the detangling hydrating detangling shampoo.

So, Keracare is a staple I have written about these two products being one of my favorite shampoos and conditioners and for all of my friends who are allergic to shea butter. These two products do not have shea butter in it.

So, you are giving the green light to use these two products and they're not very expensive and not now. I think you can get Keracare depending on where you are your local Beauty Supply.

keracare anti dandruff conditioner

I was in a market to find ooh another leave-in conditioner. I love my Regis ultimate radius design line leave-in conditioning spray. I love that stuff I will not go home without it but I wanted to try another leave-in conditioner more like a creamy conditioner versus the spray because I felt like.

I need something heavy I like to stretch my hair with but blowing it out sometimes and I felt like I needed some extra protection. I picked up the KeraCare natural textures leave-in conditioner and I got this down in Atlanta when I was with my sister at Beauty master that store and of itself is amazing.

I can be in there for hours but anyways this leave-in conditioner is freaking amazing and what I did realize because you know this whole what is an Ayurvedic trend or whatever you want to call it is happening I did notice that this leave-in conditioner has the aerobatic by tentacles in it.

I was like well maybe that's why I love it I mean it is so it's moisturizing. I recently used this leave-in conditioner to put on my hair after. I washed it and then I put on a heat protectant then I blew my hair out right before I got these twists and it made the blow drying process.

so free and easy I mean my hair didn't feel dried and filled it felt so soft and just manageable and easy to get through like my new favorite y'all my new favorite leave-in conditioner. This is the 8th floor out the bottle and actually, all of the KeraCare products have like the pH balance.

I believe that also plays a huge factor in helping your hair become more manageable keeping the moisture keeping it moisturized and just the overall health of your hair. So, this leave-in conditioner is PH balanced and it has again the Ayurvedic by tentacle it has argan oil Abyssinian oils and fruit extracts. I love this stuff I absolutely love this stuff so I got this for 1199 at beauty masters. I think you can get it online for about the same price.

I'm not sure but I mean I'm sold y'all KeraCare is good it's a good product line like it's a good company. They make some really good products so those are my thoughts on the KeraCare. I will continue to use them forever in a day.

I am also going to continue to buy KeraCare if they decide to bring me on it has was an ambassador or whatever you want to call it I will always as long as I can use the products as long as they don't contain any shea butter in.

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