What you can learn in Azure Training?


Azure training

1) Azure Administrator

2) Azure Stack Operator

3) Azure Solution Architect

4) Node.js Developer on Azure

5) .NET Developer on Azure

6) AI Developer on Azure

7) Azure for AWS Professionals

9) Azure Portal and Navigation

10) Azure Virtual Machine and Compute

11) Azure Networking Concepts, Azure Storage Accounts

About Intellipaat

Intellipaat is a global online professional training provider. We are offering some of the most updated, industry-designed certification training programs which include courses in Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and 150 other top trending technologies. We help professionals make the right career decisions, choose the trainers with over a decade of industry experience, provide extensive hands-on projects, rigorously evaluate learner progress and offer industry-recognized certifications. We also assist corporate clients to upskill their workforce and keep them in sync with the changing technology and digital landscape.

Azure Training Provided by Intellipaat in different cities:

Azure Training In Bangalore

Azure Training In Chennai

Azure Training In Hyderabad

Azure Training in Pune

What will you learn in Intellipaat's AWS Training?

1) Managing Azure Subscriptions

2) Deploying and organizing resources

3) Azure Site Recovery

4) Integrating, securing, and managing identities

5) Implementing multi-factor authentication

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