Roku Guide 2020 - How Do I change the Screensaver on my Roku device?

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As we all know, a screen saver can fill your screen with beautiful images and wallpaper. You can download the screensaver from the internet. The screensaver are like an entertainment that enhances your TV screen with Roku device. Many screensavers are default stored in Roku streaming device and as we told you, other can be download or buy.

How to find & download Screensaver?

However, finding the screensavers is a very easy process for your Roku device. There is one way to finding and downloading the screensavers from the category of screensaver to Roku channel store.

How you can access Screensaver menu on your Roku device

Hereabouts we are providing the accomplish steps to find the screensaver menu:

1. First, open the home page by pressing the Home button from your Roku remote control.

2. Now, scroll down and find the option to Settings option.

3. Then select the option of screensaver for opening the screensaver menu.

4. After that, opened screensaver menu will show you steps to change or modify the recent screen saver.

How to change the Screensaver?

Follow the steps to change the screensaver for your Roku streaming device:

1. Basically, choose the option of screensaver.

2. Now, you have to select the one screensaver from the list and select preview option of screensaver that you already selected.

3. In selected screensaver, if you want to change any effect then you can go to custom settings and adjust the effects

4. After that, you can click on preview option to check the effects.



How to define the waiting time for Roku device?How to define the waiting time for Roku device?

If you want to apply wait time follow the below steps:

1. First of all, choose the option of wait time.

2. Then choose the amount of time, that time define the how much Roku device will wait for launching screen.

3. After, press the OK button to apply the changed settings.

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