[DIY]Daesung Celtic Gas Boiler Room Controller Replacement

Daesung Celtic Gas Boiler is one of the products of the Korean boiler manufactures.

Its temperature controller(room controller) has two kind: Ondol type and Air temperature type.

What is Ondol?

Ondol is traditional Korean heating method that heat the floor and then the heated floor will increase air temperature also like a convection type heater. Actually Korean style boiler is basically following this method. But to control the temperature, there are two ways as the room controller is.

So, about room controller of Daesung Celtic Boiler. Ondol type room controller controls water temperature outputting from boiler. And Air temperature type room controller is checking room air temperature to maintain the air temperature.

And for me, it is not easy to use Ondol type room controller because I have not used and also it is kind of old. So I decided to replace the old one to the new one which has Air temperature controlling function.

See more: https://koreanenglish4.blogspot.com/2018/12/diydaesung-celtic-gas-boiler-room.html

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