How to Deal with Chemotherapy Medicine Post Treatment

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Some people going through the process of chemotherapy worry about the protection of their family and friends. However, there is little or no risk to visitors, including children, babies and pregnant women, due to the fact that they aren’t likely to come into contact with any chemotherapy drugs or body fluids.

Chemotherapy Safety Within the Home

Follow these safety hints to minimize exposure to chemotherapy medicine at home, each for you and your family and acquaintances during the healing process at home. Safety precautions can vary depending on the medication you receive, so ask your medical team about your medicinal situation.

Use a Plastic Bucket

Vomit right into a plastic bowl or bucket (or a plastic bag). Don’t use the bowl or bucket for any other purpose and throw it out after your final chemotherapy consultation.

Clean Up Spills

If any body fluids (throughout the week after a chemo consultation) or chemotherapy medicines spill onto family surfaces, put on a pair of waterproof gloves, absorb the spill with paper towels, clean around the region with a disposable material and soapy water, and rinse the vicinity with water. Seal used gloves, cloths and paper towels in a plastic bag before placing them in the bin.

Be Careful When Going to the Toilet

Every week after a medicinal consultation, sit down to use the toilet. Put the lid down before flushing to keep away from splashing.

Wear Disposable Gloves

During the week after a remedy consultation, wear disposable water-resistant gloves when dealing with garb or bedsheets soiled with vomit or other body fluids. Seal the gloves in a plastic bag and discard after use.

Keep Capsules Whole

Don’t crush, chew or cut chemotherapy drugs. If you can’t swallow a tablet whole, ask your oncologist or pharmacist whether the medication comes in different preparations (i.e. Liquid).

Put Drug in a Secure Place

Store all pills, drugs or injections as directed by means of your oncologist or pharmacist – they often need special storage to maintain their effectiveness. Keep them out of reach of children.

Use Protection

Use a condom or a female condom if having any sort of intercourse after a chemotherapy session. Your health practitioner or nurse can give you more details about how long you need to use protection.

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