Tips for Driving Safely on Winding Roads


Driving on winding roads can be an exciting but dangerous experience at the same time. Driving on winding roads is quite different from driving on regular roads. It requires special driving skills and concentration to drive safely on such roads and ensure your safety. The following tips will help you to drive safely on winding roads:

Understand Why Winding Roads are Dangerous

You should understand why driving on winding roads is dangerous. This will help you to take precautionary measures and remain safe while negotiating winding roads.

Drive Slowly

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Turn as Little as Possible

While driving on winding roads, try to turn as little as possible. When you are approaching a turn, then you should move to the side of your lane opposite of the direction of the curve. You should position your car to the other side of the lane. Driving in this manner will help reduce the severity of the turn and put less pressure on you. It also helps you to spot any oncoming driving hazards as you would have understood during hazard perception test practice.

Constantly Monitor Surrounding Traffic

Constantly monitoring the traffic is very important while driving on winding roads. Doing so helps you to identify driving hazards quickly and gives you more reaction time to take corrective action to deal with them. This is also consistent with the principles of the hazard perception test. Approaching drivers who are driving too closely to the center of the road can put you at serious danger of a collision. You should always stay clear of such drivers. You should also ensure that you don’t take a turn which is too wide of the curve as you can quickly lose control of the car. If it happens, stay calm and steer the car back on course. Avoid hard braking as far as possible.

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