Approach the Good IUI Treatment in India for Happy Outcome

Intrauterine insemination, IUI, is a simple fertility treatment. It is also cost-effective. A sperm, that is healthy, is placed into a woman’s uterus. This is done at a particular time, that is, when she is ovulating.

The success of IUI treatment improves when it is done along with the treatment of ovulation-stimulating drugs. The husband’s sperm or donor sperm is used. Before the procedure, a thorough check-up is done to see if there is any hormonal imbalance, infection or any structural problem.

When is IUI used?

The common problems are-

● Low sperm count.

● Decreased sperm mobility.

● Unexplained infertility.

● A hostile cervical condition, including cervical mucus problems.

● Cervical scar tissue from past procedures which prohibits sperm to enter the uterus.

● Ejaculation dysfunction.

Factors for a successful IUI program:

● Healthy sperm

● Timing of IUI

● Fallopian tubes should be clear, they should not have any blockage,

● The quality of the egg should be good,

● The uterus should be well prepared,

The Insemination Procedure:

● The medical procedure is both simple and safe. The process involves threading a thin flexible catheter through the cervix. Then, the washed sperms are placed in the uterus.

● The bladder of the patient should be empty. Before the process the patient is asked to pass urine, in most cases.

● The patient is made to lie down. Her legs are raised up.

● The uterus is checked. The doctor uses forceps to hold the anterior lips. The patient feels uncomfortable, but it is painless.

● The uterus is now introduced to semen very gently. This takes about one minute.

Care of the Patient:

● At first, the patient is advised to rest for 30 minutes. Later on, she is allowed to work, travel, and eat in a normal manner.

● The couple can also go on with regular sex life.

● In the case of pain, the patient can take any prescribed medicine.

Success rate:

If the IUI procedure is performed each month, there may be 20% per cycle happy outcome. However, the pregnancy rates vary, since there are many factors, including age and health of the recipient, that have to be included.

good IUI treatment in India

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