Head & Brain Injury

Important Aspects of any Traumatic Brain Injury

What is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

One of the most frequent unfortunate outcomes of any type of accidents, especially motor vehicle collisions, is a head injury. The head injury, which is often mentioned in legal documents as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), is basically damage to a skull and the brain of a victim. That is because of tremendous accelerations and forces that occur during an automobile accident, there is often a situation when the head suffers the most, even with no visible damage. This leads to numerous problems in both medical and legal aspects of the accident.

This is important

There is a very important piece of information for everybody involved in a car accident. It has been shown that the brain can impact the inside of the skull when there are significant accelerations in the accident. Even if the head is not hit by a direct blow, the TBI can occur. Because of it, the head and brain injury can only be properly diagnosed by doctors. Do not assume that because there is no visible trauma there is no brain injury.

Watch these symptoms

Typical symptoms of a “hidden” brain injury, or the one that has no visible trauma, are headaches, irritability and temper swings, decrease in cognitive ability. In some cases, a victim is experiencing memory loss that is a clear indicator of the significant brain injury. Very often the injured individual does not notice the problems. There is only some awareness that something is wrong. People around the injured person should pay very serious attention to even minor changes in his or her mental and emotional condition, and seek doctors help without any hesitation.

You need an experienced in TBI professional

advice of a lawyer experienced in TBI cases

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