The Bachelor Part 2

Let the second round of the Bachelor begin!

So far three men have been eliminated ( because of lack of votes so I had my aunt choose the third member at random) This Round the bachelor's will be serenading you!

Gray's choice in song is his cover of Ed Sheeran's shape of you.

Loco chose a duet with Hwasa

Ted decided to sing his song Stupid Luv

Alright everyone, listen to these talented men and vote for who you want in the comments. Remember, whoever wins, their secret number will be revealed as the donation to charity I'll be placing. So....


Boss Squad:@royalpandajedi@Fromblue2u@Queenpandabunny@marrickej33@BBxGD@Starbell808@MelissaGarza@liyahboon


KISS Squad

@BabydollBre,@QueenyCrossGene, and@BTSMicDrop

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