How To Take Care of Your Dog

Taking care of a dog can be a lot like taking care of a human. They have parts of their body that need to be maintained more often than others. Understanding the breed and specifics of your puppy will help you take care of their needs. Here are a few areas that all dogs should be maintained and cared for.

Fur Brushing

different brushes

Body Bathing

how to bathe a dog

Paw Keeping

Keeping a dog’s paws and nails nicely groomed is commonly overlooked by owners. Puppy’s nails grow a lot like humans, and they need to be taken care of. They need to be cut every couple of months to maintain healthy growth. Every week or so, take a quick look at the paws to make sure the nails are at a good length and the pads are not cracking. The pads can get injured and crack very easily as a dog gets older. Applying lotions and moisturizing them will ensure that they are as healthy as possible for the wear and tear they take.

Face Washing

A dog can find its way into random places and get its face very dirty. It is not only after eating that the face will be grimy. A lot of puppies will have slobber all over their faces when they get excited and hyper. This can make it tough to clean, but it is important to try to maintain their mouths so bacteria will not spread everywhere. You want to consistently wipe their mouth, as this is the general area of where saliva build-up occurs. Also keeping the nose clean and moist will help your pet breathe easier. Dogs use their nose to smell often, so it needs to be well taken care of for the importance it is to them. Even if they do not like their faces cleaned, it should be a daily occurrence to maintain their health.

Teeth Cleaning

clean a dog’s teeth

Various Checking

Various parts of a dog’s body may need checking based on their breed. Those that have long ears will need extra care so that they do not develop infections in them. Some have issues with their bones and need to be monitored in how they walk, run and jump around. Other breeds will be outdoors a lot, resulting in possible cuts and bruises. Keeping an eye on how your dog is acting will help you know when extra care is needed

Taking care of a puppy can lead to a healthier and longer life for them. Keeping some of these main focuses in mind will help prevent issues later in a dog’s life.

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