Best Tips to Improve Your Google Ranking

No matter how beautifully your website has been designed, you wouldn’t get too far in the absence of sufficient SEO. Many people often resort to shortcuts in an attempt to improve their visibility on the web. The fact of the matter is that it takes time to witness significant improvement. Anyone promising quick results should naturally be greeted with skepticism.

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Page Titles

The search engine used to display a particular page in search results or at the top of a browser is referred to as title tag. These tags indicate and educate the user as to what your page is all about. Only 50-60 characters are displayed by Google in their title tags. It is important to keep descriptions compelling, short and relevant.  


Keywords play the most important role throughout your site. Keywords are basically words used while searching for a particular product or service. While making good use of keywords is highly recommended, refrain from using large amounts of unrelated keywords that can flag your site as spam. Keyword stuffing must be avoided.

ALT Tags

Descriptive words can be added to any image or video that you add to your site. Known as alternative text descriptions, these assist search engines in locating your page using the keywords found in video or image descriptions. This improves your website’s chances of being found which also improves your page’s ranking.  


Sitemap refers to a page that consists of links to all the major pages on your site. It assists search spiders in locating your page quickly. Hence, the page is easily found by both the users and the spiders in lesser number of clicks.  

Mobile Site

During 2015, about 40% of the organic traffic came from mobile devices and the trend has only been improving over the years. Websites with a mobile-friendly interface naturally tend to rank higher when searched on Google. If you attempt to offer the best user experience, your ranking on Google will automatically improve.

Don’t Use Flash

Flash lets you launch your business in an easy and cheap manner. While many small businesses resort to Flash to run their sites, Flash sites are always ranked lower according to Google algorithms. Also, flash sites cannot link to an individual page. If you have a flash-based website, changing it to WordPress will help improve the rankings to a great extent.

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