Gaining Traffic from Google News

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One way to gain traffic is via the inclusion of your website into Google News, traffic can be generated from Google news especially so that there are millions who are subscribed to such Google service. These millions of Google news users may help your website gain more traffic however inclusion to the Google news feature does not come easy there should be a certain degree of work that you should perform in order to generate the traffic that you require. The following are some tips that you should do to increase your chances of being included in the Google news feature.

1. Incorporate fresh and newsworthy content on your website. You should always develop your content to be newsworthy so that you will be able to gain the “nod” of Google news, further offer more like providing the ability to comment from your users and by making your content to be significant and timely.

2. Include your website to Google’s index, there are two ways to do this, first is to let the indexing come naturally via the crawlers or speed your indexing by requesting for an inclusion.

3. Make sure that your content will be indexed by Google this is why you can either add numbers to your URL to specify the specific content or you can also have your “news” quickly indexed by using the Google news sitemap.

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