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No Win No Fee

The no win no fee scheme was introduced in 1998 and operates by the solicitor backing a case and taking a risk on his legal fees. A solicitor acting under the no win no fee scheme is only entitled to be paid his legal fees if he wins the case. If the case is lost then the solicitor will lose his legal fees. We offer the no win, no fee scheme so by talking to us today we can assess your case and individual circumstances and tell you if it is suitable for a no-win, no fee agreement. Legal expenses under this category can include the cost of medical records, medical reports and ‘after the event’ insurance which is usually necessary to safeguard the claimant in the event of the case being lost from the risk of being ordered to pay the other sides legal costs.

Legal Aid

Certain medical negligence cases can still be publicly funded by the Legal Services Commission which was formally known as the Legal Aid Board. There are strict parameters which must be complied with before an applicant will be granted a certificate of legal aid. The commission will need to be satisfied that the ratio between the value of the claim and the anticipated legal costs is within reasonable parameters. The board will generally not grant legal aid if the anticipated chances of success are less than 50%. The Legal Services Commission can, however, ignore their general rules and grant legal aid if the case is of exceptional importance to the applicant.

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