Trauma Ch.15 (End)

Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon

What: Angst, Romance, Smut

Story: You're just two trauma filled people trying to live normal lives... but trauma is a bitch

Junmyeon's POV

Six months of being friends with Y/N had seemed like the hardest thing for Junmyeon. There were days when it was easier, just being able to talk to her and enjoy a friendly outing with her but they were rarely left alone and, when they were, Junmyeon had to do everything he could to keep his hands off of her. He missed her body but even more he just missed claiming her as his. He had to resist the urge to touch her face or to pull her in his arms. However, he noticed that she was finding herself more now than ever. Without the looming threat of her father coming to visit and judge her, she seemed like a butterfly just breaking out of her cocoon. So, while he enjoyed going to parties with her and hanging out at the mall or arcade, he longed for the moments when it was just the two of them. Where they could just enjoy each other as company rather than be surrounded by their friends.

All of them had gone to Gino's pizza place to eat for lunch. They were celebrating the school year coming close to its end. Y/N was especially happy because she received an internship at Minseok's father's company. She felt like she had done it on her own rather than with the help of her connection to Minseok or his father. Minseok sat next to Y/N which made Junmyeon aware of the jealousy inside himself. Eunha and Ryewook sat on the same side as Y/N and Minseok leaving Siwon and Jongin to sit with Junmyeon. He seemed like he was furthest away from Y/N. The atmosphere was light hearted and they all ordered beers despite Eunha hating the taste of beer. They all made a toast.

"Oh, excuse me." Siwon said taking a phone call outside the restaurant.

"Who is he dating now?" Eunha asked.

Y/N laughed,

"I think it's Heechul." She answered.

"Siwon is dating Heechul!" Eunha said surprised.

Y/N laughed and slapped her arm. They talked about who they thought Siwon was seeing but he had been secretive about his relationship lately. Eunha made a sneaky comment wondering if it might've been Seohyun. Junmyeon caught Y/N roll her eyes at the notion but then he saw a curious look flash in her eyes. It was as though she thought the idea was ridiculous at first but then a light bulb went off in her head. Eunha's phone went off and she asked Y/N to get out of the booth so she could run off. Y/N looked to Minseok and said,

"I wonder if they're trying to skip out on paying the bill."

Minseok and her laughed together making Junmyeon's chest tighten with jealousy. He wanted Y/N back so bad but he didn't want to rush her. It had been six months already but she never brought up the idea of getting back together with him and he wasn't sure he could bring it up to her either. Ryeowook caught Y/N's attention asking her what her plans were after college. She talked about trying to create her own company, she thought about asking Minseok's father for advice after she'd been in the company for a while. She wanted to learn as much as she could. She was determined now more than ever to become powerful.

"Be careful, power comes at a cost." Minseok warned.

"Yeah Dr. Shin said the same thing. I'm not looking to be a multimillionaire or anything but I don't want to spend my life taking orders from others. It's time I become the boss."

She grinned wide and framed her face between her thumb and forefinger. Everyone started laughing at her, she was silly. Jongin had to get back to work so he gave his money to Minseok to pay for his portion of the meal and then headed out. Siwon and Eunha seemed to be talking to each other outside for a long while. Junmyeon felt far away from Y/N despite the fact that three of the people from their group had now slipped away. Y/N managed to slide herself down the booth to talk to Junmyeon. She gave him a girly smile that seemed like it came right out of an anime. The sunlight from the window seemed to give her a glowing effect that made his heart throb. She was going to make him jump off ship into cold waters if she didn't stop doing that. She had let her hair grow out a while ago but she recently cut it again, her ends had the fresh symmetry of a recent trim and Junmyeon just wanted to reach his hand out and touch the ends of her hair with his fingertips.

"Have you ever been ice skating before?" Junmyeon suddenly asked.

She looked up at him curiously and giggled,

"No, why did you ask that?"

"Neither have I but I thought it might be cool to do sometime."

She pulled out her phone,

"Well is it open now, we could go today!"

She sounded excited but Junmyeon felt slightly discouraged because that meant everyone else would be going along with them. He wasn't thinking about being sneaky and making it a date but he felt like their friends were chaperoning them all the time now. He wondered if they thought he was going to be destructive towards her again or maybe that was her fear. He wasn't sure but when Minseok said he had to get home before eight that evening Y/N told him he didn't have to go. The exchange was so casual it made Junmyeon feel happy that she didn't call it off just because Minseok wasn't coming.

Junmyeon's jealousy of Minseok was starting to stem from the fact that Y/N told Minsoek everything. She spoke to him about when Junmyeon showed up at her place, that he helped her move six months ago. She told him that he had wrapped his arm around her or that he hugged her. Minseok just warned him to be cautious but his mind ran to what Heechul said to him when Y/N was in the hospital. Minseok loved her. It was easy to see, it wasn't hidden at all but it was hard to determine if his love for her was just truly friendship or if he was in love with her. Junmyeon couldn't blame him if he fell in love with Y/N, it was easy to do so but he couldn't give up on being with her. Still, the thought bugged him, if she always went to Minseok to tell him everything then would there be room for him? Would she trust him to hold her secrets, to confide in or would she only give that privilege to Minseok? It was both concerning and annoying to him.

"Here's one that isn't too far away. We can go tonight!" She said excited.

She showed Junmyeon the picture on her phone and he looked at prices before he nodded and agreed. She asked Ryeowook if he could go but he had plans later on with Heechul to go drinking. Apparently, Heechul had set him up on a date with the friend of the girl he was dating. Ryeowook seemed like he would've rather come ice skating though. Y/N noticed it too and only laughed at him teasing him again with his nickname.

"My cutie Wookie." She beamed.

She almost seemed to blush as she said it which made her all the more ethereal to Junmyeon. Junmyeon ended up excusing himself in order to go to the bathroom and cool off. Y/N was starting to bug him. He half wondered if he wanted her more because he couldn't have her at the moment. Their friendship had peaked to its highest point. She invited him over for dinner and parties at her place. They went out to the mall and arcade together but again, they were rarely alone. He wondered if that was on purpose or not. She told him she needed to go through some things alone, he was trying to force himself to be patient but he wanted his girlfriend back. He wanted Y/N back in his life...


Your world seemed to be brighter lately, filled with more happiness and Dr.Shin had agreed you made plenty of progress in the past six months. You got through your classes with good grades and even though a slight feeling of pain would wash over you when you thought about your father, for the most part things were good. Your mother was making more progress as far as re-entering your life went; you two had a standing appointment every Tuesday morning for coffee just to talk. She had mentioned you didn't speak much about Junmyeon at one point and she even seemed slightly disappointed to hear that you two had broken up. It seemed as time went by she tried to encourage the idea of you two getting back together.

Honestly, you were doing everything you could to curve your appetite for him. It was part of a challenge you took for Dr. Shin but you had finally reached the deadline without any hiccups. You went without a relationship for weeks and worked on yourself and creating a foundation that was healthier between you and Junmyeon except, you two didn't have a lot of alone time. You had done that on purpose in the beginning to keep yourself from being tempted into sleeping with him or restarting the relationship. He didn't ask any questions about when you were looking to get back together with him and it occurred to you that it might be because he was waiting for you to show that you were ready.

How were used supposed to show you were ready? Were you supposed to flirt with your eyes? Minseok said that every guy that had become infatuated with you were hypnotized by your eyes; Junmyeon was no different. He loved how large and round they were, he loved the dark irises that looked almost like black whirlpools sucking him into your universe. You'd be lying if you said you didn't miss your father but it was easier living without the idea that he would drop by and inspect your place, living in a new flat helped as well. Painful memories only lingered in those walls and not being held down by those memories made your life seem more in your control. You were truly free.

You didn't have a lot of opportunities to bring up getting back in a relationship alone with Junmyeon but you were happy when Minseok had said he couldn't go ice skating with you two. You had already confessed to him that you missed Junmyeon, you were sure he was making his excuse to give you sometime alone. Eunha liked you two together so you became suspicious when she suddenly got a call that took her outside of Gino's along with Siwon. You partly wondered if maybe those two were seeing each other. Ryeowook had a blind date with Heechul that he had been dreading for weeks, you weren't even sure he was aware of what your friends were doing. Usually you were too dense to notice these things but you had become very aware of your friends sneaky nature. Jongin however, was on his lunch break; he was the only one you suspected who might've told your friends to stay out of it. By the end of the lunch though, it had been settled that you and Junmyeon were going ice skating. However, Eunha and Siwon did decide to go with you two.

You weren't sure of anything anymore but the chances of you and Junmyeon being left alone were more favorable especially when the two of you finally got on the ice together. You were both attached to the wall while Siwon helped Eunha away from it. You could only stare and laugh at the two of them together.

"They've got to be dating." You said to Junmyeon.

He looked up from his feet to Siwon and Eunha. They looked like they had come right out of a drama. You had no idea they were even interested in each other but looking at them right now, they looked like a couple. You heard Junmyeon laugh through a scoff.

"He's such a show off." He said.

You laughed,

"Yeah so is she, that's why they work so well."

You looked back at him and he seemed to be staring at their little ice dance as if he desired the same thing. Neither one of you were coordinated enough to do that though so you made do with grabbing his hand and skating beside him. You did small steps and just let yourself glide next to him.

"I think I got the hang of this. Here hold on." You said.

"Wait, what if we fall?" Junmyeon said.

You could hear the slight anxiety in his voice but you had already had his hand.

"We'll be fine we have each other." You glowed.

He seemed to trust you after that, that or he was shocked you even said that. You moved your feet faster, skating with each other and then gliding together while the cool breeze from the rink hit your face and blew through your hair. You two held your hands out to catch yourself on the wall and Junmyeon almost fell back making you laugh at him. You both skated around the rink a few times holding hands before sitting down to rest your feet.

"Seems like those two ran off together." Junmyeon said

You scanned the rink to see if you could fine them but Junmyeon was right. They had disappeared, now you were wondering if everything they did was to set up this moment. You sighed and took off your skates with Junmyeon and you went to retrieve your shoes from the skate rental. Junmyeon walked with you along the side walk, you planned to catch the bus to get back to your place. You were trying to find a good way to bring up being with him again. You missed him and your conversation for the evening had been light but the two of you had so much fun together. Even as you sat on the bus next to him, your head was leaned up against his shoulder. You smiled softly when he slid his hand into yours and laced his fingers with yours. By the time you reached your place, you knew exactly what you wanted to say. Junmyeon stood at the door hesitant to go any further but you smiled and placed your hands on his shoulders,

"Come in, we can talk." You said.

He looked at you a little serious,

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, just know I don't have any beer though."

He laughed as you two walked into the flat. This place was slightly bigger than your last place. As you two walked in, Lady greeted Junmyeon first like he was her best friend. At this point it had seemed like that was the case, Lady always found away to sneak her way into his lap whenever he was over. She liked him a lot. You heard her purs loud and clear as she circled around Junmyeon's leg, rubbing her head against him. Junmyeon laughed and scooped her up asking her how she had been. You walked into the kitchen telling him that Lady often gets cranky when he leaves. You figured she'd grown an attachment to him. He admitted he grew one towards her as well. It made you smile as you grabbed glasses out of the cupboard and took out a bottle of lemonade you had in the fridge. You were just turning around so you could hand him a glass when you bumped into him and spilled some lemonade on yourself. You gasped from the sudden cold liquid wetting your shirt and Junmyeon apologized profusely. You giggled,

"Haven't we been here before?"

Junmyeon smiled, the creases in his cheeks looking like dimples again when he laughed.

"Yeah, except my grandparents ended up showing up last time." He said.

He had already taken the glasses out of your hand and set them on the counter. You figured he was about to tell you to go change but you stepped up to him, so close you could breathe him in. You felt bold at this moment, you were getting to take charge. His eyes widened in shock but at the same time you could hear the rhythm of his breathing change, you could feel those breaths beat onto your lips. You had to stay bold, long enough to show him what you wanted. You grinned mischievously and said,

"I doubt anyone's going to interrupt us now."


He sounded shocked that you could even speak like that and you were quite intrigued by the fact that you could too. You started to remove the wet shirt from your body, the wet portions peeling off your skin like a bandage. Your shirt dropped to the floor and you closed the very small gap between your bodies allowing your breast, clad in a baby pink bra, to push against his chest. He swallowed hard seeming quite nervous so you wrapped your arms around his neck to bring him down for a kiss. As soon as your lips touched his, his mouth erupted in a frenzy kissing you with the kind of hunger only a starving man could understand. His fingers laced through your hair, he pulled your body into his even more like he might fuse you inside of him. He stole your breath through this kiss and you could tell he had longed for you just as much as you had longed for him.

Back when you told him you needed sometime, it was easier to keep the distance, to just think of him as a friend but as you started to heal and really let go of your pain your heart yearned for him. Your body screamed to be touched by him and you did all you could not to give in to it. Now you could, now you were sure you could handle what was going to come next. Dr.Shin was still seeing you, coaching you through everything you needed to work on and you were sure Junmyeon would understand that but you were sure you wouldn't be so quick to cut him out of your life too. You felt less fear now and more confidence so you gave in to your deepest desire.

To be loved especially by him.

"Are you sure?" Junmyeon asked.

He looked at you with eyes that held caution; he didn't want to destroy any chance you two had of getting back together. You could see that plain as day but you snatched his shirt in your hands and smiled brightly at him.


He smiled with relief and kissed you again, he picked you up in his arms and walked you over to the counter. You stripped his shirt off of him and then your lips locked once more in a tongue war. The way your wet muscles slid against the other turned you on and made you wet. You could hear his soft moaning, he sounded delicious. He kissed along the areas of your exposed breast, his soft lips to your soft flesh had you humming pleasure as your eyes rolled back. The faint sound of Lady's paws running away as she gave a small meow let you know she was moving out of the way before there was any damage done by you and Junmyeon's union.

Junmyeon wrapped your legs around his waist and carried you into your bedroom before he laid you down on the bed. He held both of your wrists in one hand while he kissed down your stomach and with so much skill, undid your pants and slid his hand past your panties. Your back arched up, your chest rose in a sensual moan as you felt his digits wiggle around your clit, you felt his middle fingle slide between your slit and dip inside of you.

"Wow, you got that wet from a kiss?" He said amazed.

You giggled,

"It's been a while."

"I know, it's taking a lot out of me to not eat you up right now."

You felt your heart beat hard and travel up your throat. You felt a rush of heat come to your face while knots tightened in your stomach. Love and lust mixed together to create the perfect elixir and you were drowning in it. Two fingers dipped inside of you, opened your hole a little wider for him to come discover once more. The more he teased your body the wetter you became. You could feel your arousal dripping onto your panties. Junmyeon let go of your wrist and yanked down your pants. He rubbed your sensitive bud through your panties making your hips squirm and you whimpered. He gently laughed and slid you panties off as well. He opened your legs wide, bending them slightly and wiggling his way between them, pushing them into the bed. He licked slowly, his eyes closed one moment then flashing up to look at you with that dark desire. You felt like you were going to burst, you were intoxicated by the feeling of his warm wet tongue dancing on your small nub. Sensations shot through your body, right in your thighs, where he dug his thumbs into your flesh. His hands moved up smoothing over your legs, his thumbs catching your feminine lips below and spreading them open. His tongue now taking longer languid licks to enjoy the taste of you once again.

Your hands gripped onto the bedsheets, your crys filled the room. Your body shook and ached, looking for its breaking point. You moaned you wanted to come; you begged him to make it happen. His lips collapsed around your clit for a second to suck on you and then he slid his fingers back inside of you, hooking them up so that he could find that spot that drove you wild. He had made you come a few times but when he finally found the g spot he abused it when you two were sleeping together. His free hand reached up to lace his fingers with yours almost as if begging you to hold onto him, to know that he was right there for you and was going to make you feel amazing. His licking became faster as his fingers pumped inside of you hitting that wonderful spot. The odd feeling like you were going to pee started to build up again, your climax was ready to hit and hard.

Your body snapped beneath him, you screamed in erotic anguish as your toes curled and you yanked at your bed sheets. Junmyeon kissed a trail up your body, crawling like a hungry predator to get to you. He licked his fingers to taste you on him then slid his fingers past your lips. You were surprised that there was a slightly sweet taste to it. Before Junmyeon could assume anymore dominance, you pushed him down on the bed quickly undoing his pants and yanking them down to his ankles. You smiled as you straddled him and helped his throbbing sex find yours. As you slid down you reached behind yourself to unhook your bra and drop it to the side of the bed. You leaned over to kiss him while you moved slowly up and down feeling his shaft swell even more inside of you. His burning erection stirred you up inside and you allowed your lips to meet his just so you could concentrate on what you were doing.

You could hear the deep groan within his throat, it was sexy and enticing. You rolled your hips in a circle and then moved up and down. You switched how you rode him just to drive him crazy and it seemed to work. He gripped at your thighs like he was begging for you to give him more. His nails dug crescents into your skin. He released his moans without shame and you tightened around him in response, the sound alone made your body still ache despite having already came. You pulled Junmyeon up so that he could bury his face in your breast. You felt his tongue lick between the valley of your breast and then he kissed and sucked on the flesh. You positioned your legs so you were in a squat instead of your knees giving him the perfect view of your breast bouncing before his eyes.

His hands cupped the two mounds, squeezing them lightly as you moved up and down on him. He laid back down with his hands trailing down your body then coming to lace with your fingers again. You bounced with a quick even tempo despite your legs getting tired. Your hip flexors were sore but all you wanted to do was please him. Junmyeon quickly flipped you over onto the bed, seeming to become more feral than before. He was closer to his climax and he drove into you with sharp precision, he snapped his hips in an out of you with the goal to reach that sweet euphoria he brought you. You called his name in sweet moans.

"I love you." You breathed.

He crashed his lips onto yours seemingly unable to take the deep connection you two had. He ate up your lips, his thrusts became jagged and his breathing was off. His body felt slightly clammy from sweat starting to build up. His chest pressed to yours rubbing your hard nipples as he finally reached the explosion he so desired. He pulled out of you a few seconds too late allowing the rest of his seed to spill on the bed then he laid down next to you trying to gasped for breath. You curled into his body laying your head on his chest and somewhat of a triumphant chuckle came from him. You looked up to see him looking down at you with a huge grin.

"You love me." He said.

You smiled, your finger to your lip in a slightly bashful look.

"I do."

He kissed you on your lips once more, deeply and tenderly. He kissed you like it was the last kiss you two would ever have with each other.

"I love you too," He said. "I never stopped."

"So where does that leave us?" You asked.

He shrugged and you both sat up. He looked at you seriously and said,

"I truly want to be with you but if you're not ready for a relationship I don't want to rush you."

"I think if there's anything we can learn from our mother's it's that we shouldn't deny our true feelings. We just need to take things a little slower maybe then we won't come crashing down so hard you know?'

He nodded. He reached out to hold your hand then chuckled,

"Does that mean we should stop sleeping together?"

You laughed and jumped on top of him.


"That's what I had in mind, although I think we need to make it official."

You raised your eyebrows at him a little curious. He smiled and got out of the bed and bent down on one knee. You looked down at him with wide eyes and a smile creeping up on your face. He took your hand in his and said,

"Jeon Y/N would you do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend?"

"Oh my God you mean we'll be exclusive!" You said fanning yourself with your hand.

Junmyeon tried to keep it together but he was laughing at your dramatics.

"Extremely exclusive."

"A girl always dreams of being asked that question naked in her bedroom. Yes, yes a thousand times yes!"

You wrapped your arms around his neck and he laughed as he brought you back down to the bed. He kissed you again, through your giggle and his hands explored the surface of your body once more. You sank into the feeling of finally reaching a point in your life that you wanted so bad. You weren't just loving someone, someone was loving you. Junmyeon had told you once that he had chose you and here he was still choosing you. So maybe you got your fairytale after all.

The two of you molded into each other, celebrating officially getting back together while Lady meowed from outside the hall. You melted beneath him, being devoured by his kiss and the sweetest bliss was that you two weren't together because trauma bridged you together. Now, there was a foundation worth standing on, you understood Seol and Haejin's hearts now. In the end, your love for each other would never die, it would only bring you two back together again. After all, there was no one else you would've rather been with....

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