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As a Sabbath keeper myself I have a tendency to sympathize with some areas of the Sunday law place, but this really is one of many arguments that I'm having some issues with. My major level of contention is all about the thought of symbolizing the mark of the beast ; to assert that conformity with the national Sunday legislation is corresponding to the party of the level of the beast would be to suggest that the mark of the beast isn't literal.

When we treat something as a image in Bible prophecy, the Bible must be permitted to understand the symbol. So that you can consider the mark of the beast as a image and then proceed to read this supposed symbol to suggest "conformity to a Sunday legislation" is to put himself under some pressure to warrant this position from the Bible. Quite simply, he will need to prove that his realization isn't the merchandise of private interpretation.


I think that here is the theory at work in the Adventist's application of the level of the beast to a Sunday law. Within my examine of Bible prophecy I do not effort to create an arbitrary willpower of what is to be translated as a image from what's not. The rule that I always follow is quite easy: if the Bible doesn't read it, it is not a image to be interpreted.

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