Trauma Epilogue

This was more to appease my OCD. I don't like leaving my stories off in odd numbers so even though Ch. 15 was the end I added the Epilogue to make it 16 parts.

Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon

What: Angst, Romance, Smut

Story: You're just two trauma filled people trying to live normal lives... but trauma is a bitch


Seol came up to you to give you a large hug. She told you how proud of you she was. The past two years flew by so quickly it was almost like you were waking up from a sleeping spell. Your mother and you had become closer, despite the rocky start, you were able to finally allow her in your heart. You visited your father's grave on occasion just to tell him how you did on your grades. You had accepted that you were never truly going to stop loving your father but you had let go of the need to be everything he wanted you to be. You were you own person now. Even more now, you had graduated with a master's degree and as magna cum laude. Junmyeon had teased you for a while, claiming he would get higher than you but he ended up being just a little below you in grade point average.

The old dynamics of sarcastic remarks being flung between you two were back but it was done with more playfulness than competition. You two had taken your relationship slow enough to focus on both school and being together, building together, making new memories. You and Junmyeon had moved in together as well. Minseok got a higher position in his father's company and he was happy about it because he had earned it. You were making progress as well, sometimes you'd see him in the hallway at work and it took a lot out of you two to not act out of the ordinary. Minseok wanted to keep business as professional as possible.

Minseok met you, Jongin, Eunha and Junmyeon outside of the center where the graduation was held. Eunha suggested to party at a club but Minseok and everyone else just wanted to eat.

"Actually, my grandparents are having a celebration for us at their place. Y/N we should be headed over there now actually. Seol are you coming?" Junmyeon asked.

"To your grandparents house?" She asked almost surprised that invitation was being extended to her.

"Yeah, they'll be excited to see you again." Junmyeon smiled.

She looked at you as if to ask for confirmation if it would be okay to come.

"I'd love it if you came." You told her.

She smiled and accepted the invitation. Everyone was in agreement with going to Junmyeon's grandparents place. You recently bought a 2016 nissan, it was in great condition despite being a little used but it only fit so many people in it. Minseok Junmyeon and your mother rode with you while Eunha stayed behind. She was waiting to catch up with Siwon to bring him along. After dating for about a year in secret, they finally decided to reveal they were together but you and Junmyeon had figured it out for the most part the night you all went ice skating. Jongin was going to show up a little later he wanted to get changed.

When you all pulled up to Junmyeon's grandparents house, they greeted everyone with open arms. They took extra time greeting your mother who almost cried when his grandma Ji Ji wrapped her arms around her. It made you wonder why you all had waited so long to bring them together. There was a movie playing in the living room and Ji Ji stole you away to get you and your mother to help her out in the kitchen. Minseok and Junmyeon stayed out in the living room talking to his grandparents.

"I'm surprised you let Junmyeon convince you two not to come to graduation." You said.

"He was more concerned about food than graduation." Grandma Ji ji said.

You laughed,

"Yeah that holds up."

You and your mother helped place food in bowls and plates while bringing out platters to the dinning table. You noticed that decorations had been put up and now flowers were surrounding the room. You smiled seeing some of your favorites: yellow carnations, yellow and orange roses, chrysanthemums and daisies. They all looked so colorful and pretty. You touched one of the petals to the carnation feeling its silky smooth texture. You were just about to turn around before Junmyeon's body came over yours. He wrapped his arms around you and whispered in your ear.

"You like the flowers?"

"These are all for me?" You asked surprised.

He hummed his affirmation and placed a kiss on your cheek.

"They're beautiful thank you. Is that why you stayed out of the kitchen?" You asked.

"Well partly."


"You remember when I told you I choose you right?"

You sighed into his arms smiling when you heard him say it again. You felt loved and important to him and that was all you ever really needed and wanted.

"Yeah I do."

"Well, I was trying to find a way to show you that I choose you now and I'll choose you forever. Some sort of grand gesture to really let you know I mean it."

You giggled,

"Junnie! What are you on about?"

You tried to turn your head to look at him. He laughed,

"Yah, always so informal."

He grabbed you by the shoulders and turned you around so now you were facing his grandparents, Minseok, Jongin, Siwon, Eunha, Ryewook and Seol holding onto letters made of flowers the said "U marry me" Junmyeon sighed,

"Uh what happened to the sign?"

"Oh I got it." Siwon said

He dipped down for a second and unfolded a big piece of white paper that said " Will". You bust out laughing but you were so excited at the same time. Junmyeon scratched the side of his head,

"I know but I didn't have enough money to get 'will' done."

You looked at him with your hands pressed together under your chin laughing at him. You shook your head,

"It doesn't matter." You said.

"It doesn't?"

"No," you giggled.

Your hands shot up past his shoulders by his neck and you pulled him down into a deep and loving kiss. Everyone started cheering and you pulled away.

"Is that a yes?" He asked.

"Yes it's a yes." You giggled.

"Oh thank god I thought that was a sympathetic kiss."

You rolled your eyes. Eunha yelled,

"Now show us the ring damn it!"

"Eunha." Ryewook said trying to calm her down.

Junmyeon stuck out his tongue but everyone laughed as he fished through his pockets. He pulled out a box and opened it up to a diamond ring, the band had somewhat of a cosmic looking strip on it. There were hearts that surrounded the diamond on it as well. You looked at it amazed as he slipped it on your finger.

"That's pretty much where most of my money went." He said with a chuckle.

"I love it," you kissed him, "and I love you."

"I love you too."

It was thrilling to you, you were actually getting your fairytale ending. Everyone huddled around you, Eunha and Seol looked at your ring while his gramps and grandma Ji ji were congratulating him on the engagement. Minseok came over giving you a big smile and he hugged you.

"I'm so proud of how far you've come." He said.

"I survived most of it because of you. You don't have to look out for me anymore."

"You're my best friend, I'll never stop looking after you but I'll leave the majority of it up to your fiancee from now on." He said.

You laughed, you were happier than you ever could've imagined. Your life had changed dramatically, from one bad break up to a classmate sharing your pain. You two were connected it was always meant to be this way. Junmyeon stepped closer to you and wrapped his hand around yours. He looked at you with that big smile, creases in his cheeks.

"You and me forever. It must've been written in the stars." He said.

You chuckled,

"Trauma and all huh."

He shrugged but leaned down to kiss you again, Eunha yelled something about you two showing off now and Junmyeon pulled away but not before he whispered to you that he loved you now and forever.

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