eBay clone, the best way to start an online eCommerce marketplace in less time

eBay –  A multi vendor eCommerce script, specially designed for multi vendor eCommerce platform. The application comprises various pleasing features which are extremely user friendly and functional. eCommerce is rapidly growing platform these days, hence this is the right time to obtain advantage of this opportunity. Our ebay clone script would assist you to start your own eCommerce marketplace with all advance features in short time. Get in touch with Logicspice to get a demo of your app.

eBay Clone Features 

eBay Clone script

1) Administrator can manage multiple vendors and orders on dashboard using Multi Vendor  Store Script.

2) Vendors can register store, on the Multi Vendor Store  and upload their products under the store.

3) Vendors can get most featured frontend vendor store dashboard, to manage their products and orders.

4) Vendors can set up store commissions rules for admin or vendors either for all products or for specific products.

5) Admin can allow 2 types of shipping to the vendors – Shipping by Country and Shipping by Zone.

6) Shipping cost for each shipping method and the vendor commission will be calculated according to the shipping cost.

7) Customers can add reviews and can view reviews added by other customers  to decide whether he/she should buy from the specific vendor.

8) Vendor can define all the types of policies like Shipping, Refund/ Cancellation/ Return/ Exchange for the store and products.

9) Vendors can manage Support Address, Support Email or a Support Phone number for the customers.

10) Vendor can get Ledger Book to check all their store transactions – commission, withdrawal, refunds, and charges as well.

What does our eBay Clone offers you?

eBay Clone Script is an eCommerce marketplace where individual vendors from distinct backgrounds, come together and sell their products online through a single storefront as like

etsy clone Script

Using eBay clone, efforts of admin and vendor are reduced as admin does not have to find products to sell and vendor does not have to maintain a website.

Any entrepreneurs about to establish an eCommerce marketplace like etsy should look forward to start with etsy clone script. A perfect multi vendor eCommerce script that permits you to start a conversion focused multi vendor ecommerce marketplace.

Used Technologies and Server Requirements

Browsers : IE 9+ , Firefox 32.6+, Chrome 20.0+, Opera 30.0+, Safari 5+

CMS :  WordPress

Language : PHP 7.2+, AJAX, jQuery

Design : HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 3.3.7, JavaScript

Database : MySQL 5.5+

Server : Apache 2.4+

Android : java 9 and Android Studio 3.4

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