Two Dangerous Ch.1 (+18)

Who: Reader x Monsta Woo ( Kim Young Woo) x Christian Yu

What: Smut/ SPY AU

Story: Just because I'm telling you this story, doesn't mean I'm alive at the end.

Chapter one

My name: Jackson Y/N. Some people start their story off at the beginning, where their decisions in life led to the big fallout. How they were born into a shit hole family with a shithole father that ranted and raved about guns and war, marrying off his daughter to some doctor, or at the very least married her to someone that'll bring honor to the family. That's not how this story starts, my family's choices had nothing to do with how I ended up in this situation. In fact, the only person's choices that landed me here....were my own.

I'll start where the mission began. I was in a relationship with two men: Kim Young Woo and Christian Yu. Both of them are spies and I was a former mob member. They didn't know it. They saved my life once I saved theirs, we formed a bond. I liked both men, I didn't see a point in having to choose and clearly they didn't mind sharing. They're competitive as hell though, somehow we ended up being together living in this one house.

I had come out of my bedroom Sunday morning, no need to go in to the studio early and nothing left to do but lounge around the house in Woo's boxers and Christian's T shirt. Christian was on the couch, wearing a white T shirt and jeans that complimented his ass, my favorite jeans for him to wear. I walked over to the couch and climbed over the back so I could sit next to him. I let my legs rest on his as I leaned back and sighed,

"Where's Woo?"

"Don't know, wasn't here when I woke up."

My head was leaning back on the arm but when I heard that, I looked up at him with a mischievous grin. He turned his head to look at me, his thumb drawing circles on my ankle. He looked unaware, I moved my legs from him and turned so my face was in front of his.

"Do you ever regret it? Me dating the both of you?" I teased.

He smiled and brushed hair behind my ear,

"No, we both love you and you love us. Now if only I could get you to admit I'm better in bed." He laughed.

"Oh well you'll just have to prove that to me."

I giggled and he started to lean up chasing my lips. When I laid on my back, he scooped my legs up in his arms and yanked me down the couch. I laughed as he pulled the boxers off then his lips came for my heat. The giggle stopped and I started to moan, my fingers ran through his hair as he lapped me up. His tongue was thorough, searching every hidden area of my womanhood. Young Woo walked through the front door seeing him going down on me.

"Yo what the fuck? Having a party without me?" He said.

I chuckled,

"You're more than welcome to join."

Young Woo came back over while Christian continued lapping me up. He seemed more fierce in his attempt to make me climax now that Woo was around. They're both so pig headed. Woo stood by my head brushing my hair back and I just smiled at him.

"Beck got sent back to New Zealand they're his problem now." Woo said.

He was talking about the last case they finished. Beck was a high profile criminal that wasn't just wanted in korea but in America to. He was under investigation for human trafficking, weapons trafficking, kidnapping and endangering national security.

"They should've let you two kill him while you had the chance." I told him.

My body jerked as Christian sucked on my clit, my legs tensed and my toe slid down his back until I could reach his belt and play with it. Young Woo smiled and bent down to kiss me using his tongue like a blade to swipe past my lips and enter my mouth like an unexplored cave. I started to roll my hips feeling especially great from Chrisitian's tongue. I broke Woo's kiss when I felt Christian's fingers push inside me. I felt amazingly hot. There was pressure building up inside of me the amount of pleasure I was feeling was taking me to another level.

"Christian...Christian you're gonna- shit." I moaned as my body rolled.

I couldn't handle him. Woo just chuckled, his voice was delicious too, deep, manly, the sound of a demon lord. I liked the way he took command. Christian was surprisingly dominant too most times but he was softer at the same time. He liked pleasing more than anything. He also knew how to give a girl the work if you know what I mean. Christian's two fingers curled up more making me moan even louder, he was hitting that spot, that magical spot while his tongue rolled over the bundle of nerves that was driving my body insane. Every sensation felt amplified and washed over me like a tsunami wave. Young Woo looked down as if to watch Christian to see his technique.

"Look at that, you're about to make her come. You should make her beg for it." He laughed.

I saw Christian's eyes glare at Young Woo like his talking was breaking his concentration. Christian reached a hand up and gripped onto one of my clothed breast and continued to play. He stared at me while he ate me out and pressed his fingers on my spot holding it there, making me ache and shake and before I knew it I couldn't hold it anymore.

I snapped and screamed squirting in his face and on the couch as he moved his fingers in me again. He didn't stop moving them until I was done. I could feel myself twitch as I came down, I loved the feeling of being high, like I was on cloud nine. It felt awesome.

"Aw man you got her to squirt! I've been trying to get her to do that for two weeks." Woo pouted.

Christian laughed as he stood up and licked his fingers clean of me.

"Guess that means I'm better at pleasing her." He said.

"Not likely, she likes it rough. She keeps you around cause you're a pretty boy."

Christian just laughed and walked away to clean himself up. I looked down at the couch and said,

"I hope you know you're cleaning this up!"

"Why me?" Christian complained.

"Because you're the one that made me do it! I wanted to come not ruin the couch."

I could hear him groan from the kitchen. I laughed and looked at Woo. If Christian hadn't finished me off like that I might've opened my legs for him to come in me but I just sat there looking at him. I reached up and grabbed his suit jacket and pulled him near me.

"Where did you go this morning?" I asked.

I sat up on my knees and bounced a little bit in front of him.

"To the office, to find out about another case." He said.

He pulled out my favorite flavor lollipop: green apple. I reached for it but he pulled his hand back and unwrapped it slowly.

"What's the case about?" I asked.


"From me? Come on, who an I going to tell?" I said reaching for the lollipop.

He put it in his mouth instead and I feigned like he broke my heart. He grinned with it in his mouth before he took it out and put it to my lips. I stuck my tongue out at him,


"You can suck me off but you can't lick a lollipop after me?" He said.

I laughed and opened my mouth to capture the lollipop between my lips. What? He made a damn good point. Christian came back in just as Woo bent down to my ear to whisper,

"Daddy will punish you later tonight."

I only grinned at him. Christian took the cover off the couch seat to throw in the laundry and handed me the boxers I stole from Woo's drawer.

"Is Christian allowed to know?" I asked Woo.

"Know what?"

"New assignment," Woo looked from Christian to me. "Why don't you go wash up?" He said.

I rolled my eyes but got up to head to the bedroom,

"All these secrets you're keeping from me. It'd be a shame if I had my own." I said with a teasing voice.

I glanced back at them over my shoulder, both men were looking at me with soft smiles but I knew they were making sure I was gone. Although, Woo seemed to be glancing at my rear end while he had the chance. I decided I'd take a shower and get dressed. I closed the door behind me but I listened for a moment hoping to hear what they were talking about. I was always curious about their work.

"So what's this assignment about?" Christian asked.

"Seems lik Changmo is back, he's been sighted in a few places."

"Any of them in creepy dark alley ways?"

"Funny. The director wants us on it. He was spotted about a mile and a half out of Seoul and he had lots of security."

"What the hell is he up to?" Christian wandered.

"Could be finishing some old business here. Just make sure to keep Y/N out of it."

"Are you asking me to lie to her? Are you okay with doing that?"

"Not lying, just with holding information, besides it's our job to up hold national security, even if it gets in the way of your relationship."

Woo was all about his job, Christian was all about his loyalty. While he was loyal to the agency as well, he was loyal to me too. That's not to say Woo didn't care about me either but his job was his job. I didn't care too much that they didn't, or rather, that the couldn't tell me about their mission. I did miss the action of high stakes crime though. I was a sharp shooter, I was trained in hand to hand combat. I could hold my own against those two and really most people I went up against. I just wish I knew what Changmo was after.

The worst part about all of this was that I used to work for Changmo. I was his bodyguard at times but what I really did was much worse. I never Changmo out but I left him to die to save my own ass and I don't regret it. I was loyal to Changmo for certain reasons but he was loyal to no one. A man like that can never be trusted. A man who doesn't value loyalty is the most dangerous kind of man one can work for. Not to mention, Changmo's lust for money made him completely blind to the evils that he was giving birth to in the world. I may have dealt drugs, and spied for him but what he did was much worse if you could even imagine it.

My past wasn't so bad when it came to my family, that's why I had skipped over that part. My parents died in a car accident so my aunt and uncle raised me and my kid brother. We were too young when it happened, for a while we were made to believe they were our birth parents and that the reverse was true. I was fourteen when I discovered my birth certificate in a box of files in my aunt's room. They came clean to us but we were family so in the end nothing really changed. I was hurt for a while but I was never angry. My childhood was good but in a way it was too good. I wanted something more daring. In school, I was always competing in sports, anything that gave me that adrenaline rush I was looking for. I learned karate and earned my black belt and took kick boxing classes. Then I went and joined the military straight outta high school. After four years, I got bored with it and ended up getting mixed into gang shit, because somehow doing illegal shit was sexier than being a law abiding citizen. I have always been about the taboo; I had a thirst for trouble that couldn't be quenched so when Changmo came along I didn't really second guess anything. I went along with all of it and I loved every extreme moment of danger, that is until it almost got me killed for real.

I went ahead and went to the bathroom. Changmo was behind me, they were his problem now. I stood in the shower letting hot water beat down on me after I had finished washing my body. My hair was drenched and the strands stuck to my body. Woo walked in disrobbing and stepping in behind me. His big hands came to my waist gripping my sides firmly. He pulled me back and I could feel his hard member against my butt. I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck,

"Isn't it time for you to show me some attention?" He said.

"Well- you did get me a lollipop." I smiled at him.

He watched me as I knelt down and took his engorged member into my hand, I slid my palm up and down his shaft before I let my tongue wrap around his head. I worked my tongue like a snake coiling around its prey. I was seducing him with my tongue the tip of it rolling against the opening where precum and budded up and wanted to drip over. Not long after I was sucking on him, making wet noises with my mouth. The lewd sounds moistened my core and hardened my nipples but I was no where near ready to be pleased again. I wasn't the go all night kinda girl. Once I reached a point of pleasure it took a while for me to recharge which was probably why they usually slept with me at the same time.

I slurped and stuck my tongue out to take him deeper down my throat. My lips wrapped around the flaming rod feeling him twitch in my mouth. He was big and my tongue could feel the definition of the veins on his erection. The bitter taste of his precum made me gag a little, I hate how he tastes when he smokes, it's like there's powder in his semen; although at the same time I love the way the scent lingers on his body. Woo wrapped his hands around my head and thursted deep into my mouth, down my throat making me gag so hard I threw up a little. I pushed off of him,l coughing and trying to bring air back into my lungs.

"I thought you knew how to breathe out your nose." He chuckled.

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

"Damn it Woo I hate when you do that!"

"Call me daddy for now. I'll be more gentle. I promise." He smiled.

He grabbed my face with his thumb and forefinger pulling me back over to him. His tongue diving deep into my mouth once again, attacking my tongue like it was the invader. He sucked on my lips before he growled a little and said,

"Now give daddy what he wants."

My mouth was back on him again, my hands gripping his thighs as I bobbed my head back and forth, covering his member in saliva. His dick was sleek and wet because of my tongue action, it throbbed in my mouth as I sucked on him, I went from gentle sucking to sucking hard like I was trying to suction semen out of him. He groaned and got more aggressive, moving his hips so that each time I brought him back in my mouth he hit my throat. I hummed on his member and whined for him. The sounds were muffled but still turned him on. He threw his head back moaning, drowning in the sensation of fucking my mouth; his favorite thing to do.

"Good girl, suck on daddy's dick." He praised.

His hips moved faster, more in charge, the way he liked to be. He raced to his finish line, hissing and cussing over and over again. He warned me he was close, his fucked out voice vibrated in my ears and then he exploded in my mouth. I forced myself to swallow, he tasted awful though. He helped me stand up before I said,

"Stop smoking before you have me do that. It tastes like gun powder."

"How do you know what gun powder tastes like?"

I stuck my tongue out hating the taste and his rebuttal. He laughed and captured my tongue, sucking it before he kissed me hard, pushing me up against the wall. Christian knocked on the door and walked in,

"Woo, we gotta go." He said.

"Can't you see I'm spending time with my girl?"

"She's mine too now let's go. We're on call."

He left after that, Christian was all business now which meant things were serious. I sighed and Woo got out of the shower to get dressed. He looked back at me as I stepped out of the shower and wrapped up in a towel.

"What are you doing today? " he asked.

"I have a project I need to finish so I'll probably head to the studio and hit the gym afterwards. "

He nodded and kissed me on the cheek before he headed back out of the bedroom. Christian and Young Woo were gone for a while leaving me to go through all of my art supplies. I was used to silence in the house at times. Either Woo would be on a mission or Christian would be on one, sometimes they would both be on assignment at the same time. Most times they did work together, they were partners after all. I knew what their mission was though and I was worried. Changmo was persistent and his men were always calculating. I wondered how the agency even got the information that Changmo was resurfacing. I wanted to know how long they had kept an eye on him. I wondered I'd they were even closer to finding out about me.

Suddenly things in the house started breaking, glasses and windows while the sound of barging bullets exploded in the air. The house was being shredded by guns and all I could do was run into the bedroom. I looked for my own gun, pulling out two of my favorite magnums and waiting behind the bedroom door. The front door was kicked in and I could hear a male voice telling them to find me. I heard the sound of feet moving through our home. The place was a fair size but it wasn't that large, it wouldn't be long before all of them found me. I was on the second floor, the only thing I could think to use was the sex rope me and Woo used once. I tied it to the end of the bed as quick as I could grabbing the hunting knife I kept under the side table. The door crashed inside and I saw henchmen in black suits armed with guns telling me to stop, I just smirked and jumped out the window holding onto the rope. I nearly crushed my hand with the rope though. My hand was wrapped around it to keep from getting rope burn but once I made it to the last of my rope it squeezed my hand something fierce.

I dropped to the ground and looked up hearing them yell that I'm getting away. Of all the times to not have my cellphone, this moment would've been the worst. The guys had been gone for only a few hours and shit popped off like this! I was off running, a wooded area near the house was my escape route. They were following behind me, bullets whizzing past me as I tried to get away. I took cover behind one large tree and took two of them down with sharp shooter precision. A shot to the chest and a shot to the head, I hurried away wondering if the guys had set me up? Did they mean for me to hear they were going after Changmo? Were they lying this whole time? Did they already know about my past? Those thoughts flashed for a millisecond as I was more concerned with running for my life. Adrenaline was pumping through me enough so that I could ignore the pain in my hand. For a while, I thought I lost them. I stopped for a moment trying to catch my breath. The air was cold and my lungs were on fire but for the most part I was safe.

I made sure I didn't run in the direction of the safe house, I was going to have to make my way around. My hand was swollen, I found out I was grazed by a bullet, I didn't notice that in the heat of the moment. I came out to a road which meant I went the wrong way. I had to circle back and by now it was late. I doubted the guys were back at the house. I wasn't even entirely sure they wanted to find me. All I really knew was that I had to get myself to the safe house.

My hand was throbbing a little but the swelling had gone down some. I made it to the safe house and found myself some ice and covered my hand with it. I didn't get a good look at the men but they knew about me and they wanted me. Did they want me because I was their girl or where they other dark figures from my past resurfacing? If I had my phone I might've been able to make a call but I couldn't. There were disposable phones somewhere in the safe house but I doubted they were charged. We hadn't come back here for a while. It was only set up in case I needed to get away. There was also a tunnel way to get here just in case but considering where I was in the house, I wouldn't have been able to make it without getting really fucked up or even captured by the men in black. For now, I was just going to take care of my wound.

I already pulled out the first aid kit and tried to clean up the bullet wound. It was only a graze but it stung like hell. I had a few of these back when I was running with Changmo. I didn't miss the wounds but I did have to admit, the chase was all kinds of thrilling. I kind of missed that action, the danger. A sudden glance of the large scar on my back quickly reminded me why I had given it up. I heard foot steps coming toward the safe house, they couldn't have found me already. I could only hope that wasn't the case. I hurried to the door holding my gun to my side waiting for the door to open. I had locked it but I didn't even consider if they might kick it in. I was just acting off instinct. My heart was thudding in my chest as that familiar sense of urgency washed over me. I hadn't felt that in such a long time.

The door opened slowly, as soon as I saw a head pop through, I hit the intruder in the back of the head knocking him out.


I turned to see Young Woo. I looked at him shocked then looked down to see I had knocked out Christian.

"Shit--Sorry." I said.

Despite the slight relief that it was Woo and Christian that had shown up to the safe house, I was hit with another sense of suspicion. Did their bureau know about me and my connection to Changmo or did I get out in time?

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