Water Pollution Problem in China

The problem of China’s air pollution gas been discussed for decades. However, less attention is paid to water pollution, which is now a burning issue in the country that can pose a health hazard with the future adverse outcomes. The chosen topic is necessary to be discussed because about one third of all industrial sewage is now released into rivers, and nearly 80% of China’s cities possess no sewage treatment facilities. Moreover, the majority of Chinese metropolitans are contaminated. Scientists reckon that effects of water pollution can lead to the appearance of entire “cancer villages”. If the Chinese government does not implement actions toward determining the reason and decreasing the scope of the problem in China, the depletion of drinkable water and the occurrence of hazardous incurable diseases will be inevitable.

As a result of secondary research, it has been found out that the primary cause of water pollution in China is human activity. The constant dumping of industrial chemicals, agriculture waste and urban wastewater has turned the main reasons of contamination of over a half of rivers in the country. The research has showed that almost 70% of water contamination comes from agricultural activity, such as glut from the usage of fertilizers, pesticides and animal waste. These substances often percolate through the earth and contaminate groundwater aquifers. Therefore, water contains heavy metals and other harmful elements.

The country chosen for research is highly industrialized and well-developed. However, even such advanced state has been facing considerable difficulties trying to manage the purifying water system. Furthermore, the significance of China for research is that it has turned to be a good example of how industrialization can destroy the natural flow of things and can have hazardous implications for society. The problem starts affecting people’s lives and can trigger the occurrence of many incurable diseases such as cancer or pancreas disorders. Therefore, the research on this topic in China is essential because it has been estimated that 980 million of Chinese people drink water that is partly polluted every day. Moreover, its main part is contaminated with human or animal wastes. Besides, 20 million people consume water with high levels of radiation that may increase rates of liver, stomach and esophageal cancer. The awareness of the problem can be the first step in the prevention of the depletion of water resources, which can take place in the nearest future.

The water problem is grave in in the country, and the government should implement actions toward improving drinking water quality immediately. The research has showed that the problem with the environmental control system in China requires an immediate intervention . However, even though the administration has known about the issue for a long time, it has not yet executed regulating rules. The decentralization of the government has already led to consideration of economic needs only, when much more attention should be given to ecological necessities. The government also must be informed about the fact that it is impossible to win the war on pollution without fundamentally changing the environmental policy. Consequently, the research has shown that the lack of coordination and hesitation in implementing strict regulating laws may lead to the deterioration of the environmental situation and may have further negative outcomes.

Hence, the key contribution of the research is that it has proven that the main cause of the water pollution is human actions. The arising problem concerning water contamination has already made hazardous effects on humans’ health and it may be discussed in the ib extended essay guidelines. Furthermore, if the government does not take actions to prevent the pollution of water, further implications on humans’ health will be inevitable. The research has defined the main causes and pointed credible consequences of water pollution. Thus, its main significance and contribution to society is people’s conversance with this environmental pollution.

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