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Hello! It's Melissa with AOMG/H1GHR Featured Artist! Today I am featuring an artist from H1GHR. That artist is named Ted Park. Let's get to know him and his music better.

*source- wikipedia

*credit videos to owners

Ted Taewon ParkTed ParkMadison, WisconsinHello (Who is this)CapitolUniversalSpotify

Birth nameTed Taewon ParkAlso known asTed ParkBornDecember 4, 1994 (age 25)

Madison, WisconsinR&BHip hopCapitolUniversal

H1ghr MusicDJ Pain 1Chevy Woods

You can follow him on

Instragram- @tedparkboi

Twitter- @tedparkboi

Ted Park- Hello (Who is this) MV


Ted Park Feat. Jay Park- Hands in the Air MV

Ted Park feat. Jessi- Drippin Lyric MV

Ted Park- Tik Tok MV

Well that's all for today's featured artist. I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Ted Park better. Until next time!

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