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Whether you’re selling real estate, mortgage services, furniture, or widgets – many sales principles apply to your effort.  We see our role in business as working with you to get you to your goals.  Since 50% of your referrals come from your past clients, we want to offer you key ideas to make you more successful. 


If you contact your clients just a few times per year, the response is minimal.  Contact them 12 to 18 times per year, and response improves by 200%!  (based on the research of the National Assn. of Realtors).  Also, according to the National Education Assn., generally, a person doesn’t learn something until they have heard it six different times.

It’s a principle of life that committed people can make a difference in any situation.  I call it “A Majority of One”!  One person with a purpose and persistence about them can bring about any change necessary.  One person with the courage to mix it up in the marketplace can make sales happen like no other single force.

About ‘Rejection’ in your sales effort  --  Apply this concept to your sales calls:  1) estimate an average commission on your sales, 2) estimate an average number of times you hear ‘no’ until you get to a ‘yes’, 3) divide the commission dollars by the number of times you hear no, 4) now you have a dollar value for each ‘no’.  Therefore, each time you hear ‘no’, that rejection has value.

The Checklist.  Have you developed a checklist similar to what an aeroplane pilot uses before taking off?  The pilot knows he should not fly the plane unless he has checked through each item for safe travel.  From the time you learn about a prospect up to the time you have filled their order, there are steps in the process.  It’s called the “cycle of a sale”.  Have you listed the steps in the cycle of your business?  Now is the time to do it on paper and list each potential project.  Check off the steps as you work toward a sale.


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