How can I use a TP-LINK router as a repeater?

The Internet has become an important part of our life. The entire wifi router’s out there allows you to connect with the internet connection to enjoy surfing for multiple motives. If you are working in a large office or home where you are not able to get access to the internet properly, all you can do here is use your TP-Link Wi-Fi router as a repeater to enhance the network coverage of your primary router. Here below we are going to discuss a detailed guide for this process.

Attach an additional TP-link Wi-Fi router

There are several options that you can connect to your router to extend the network connectivity. You may use a LAN cable to connect with another router. Besides, this method is not always convenient. Hence, the best option is to connect a repeater to the original router with the help of Wi-Fi. Follow these simple steps given below:

- First of all, you need to connect your computer to the primary router via Wi-Fi using the default user name and password.

TP-link extender login Page

- Choose the name of your network which is SSID, on the top of the page.

- Hit on the search/survey. Locate the SSID and Channel; of your original access point. Click on the ‘Connect’ button.

- The SSID and BSSID (for Mac users) will enter automatically. When you log in successfully, check the ‘Wireless Settings’ that must be matched to the primary access point. Click on the ‘Save’ settings.

- Go to ‘Wireless Security ‘to secure the local network of the router via encryption settings.

- Tick on ‘DHCP’> ‘Settings’> ‘DHCP Server’>’Disable’.

- Click on the ‘Save’ icon.

- Select the preferred Network > LAN.

- Alter the LAN IP Address of the router and click on ‘Save Settings’.

- Hit on “System Tools’> ‘Reboot’.

- Check the connectivity of the network. If you find an issue, you can restart the original router and try once more.

Setting up the TP-link Router as an Access Point

You can also set up your TP-link router to the primary router with the help of LAN port. In this method, you need an Ethernet cable as you are going to connect two routers with the help of a cable. You need to follow the given below steps:

- Attach your computer to the second LAN port on the TP-link router. You are required to log into the TP-link Web Interface y using the IP Address given on the bottom or back of the TP-Link router.

- Click Network’> ‘LAN’.

- Alter the IP Address by the address of the TP-link router.

- Reboot the router and Login by using a new IP Address.

- Hit on the ‘Wireless’> ‘Wireless Settings’ to organize the SSID. Tick ‘Save’ button.

- Return to the ‘Wireless Settings’> ‘Wireless Security’. Select ‘WPA/WPA2’ > ‘Save’.

- Move to ‘DHCP’> ‘DHCP Settings’> ‘Disable’>’ Save’

- Click on ‘System Tools’> ‘Reboot’

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